Monday, March 17, 2008

Busy Preparing To Go

I just thought I would drop a line to say that I am busy today cleaning and washing and trying to get things ready to leave on Wednesday. I was already feeling like I had a full plate and a friend called and wants to come over. I told her that I would be working on laundry if she didn't mind. I know it will slow me down, but I hate to say no. Hopefully I can get some done. We have baseball tonight so I will lose two hours there.

Do you clean your house spotlessly before you leave. I think it is a curse, but I cannot leave with sheets that are not fresh and laundry undone and until everything clean. I would die if I died and people had to come in and see it messy. I think I drive my husband crazy. And, of coarse, you have to vacuum and wash the car. I didn't think that I had to say that.

Oh, I FOUND MY COUPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I had told one of my sons, no one has admitted who yet, to put them in the drawer of the end table. I found them in the bookcase cabinet by the fireplace. There is a stack of small drawers in there that I have school supplies in. It is extra supplies so we don't go into it ofter. Well, I was closing the door to the cabinet, because someone left it open, and one of the drawers was open and sitting in the shining spotlight was my coupons. The one time I can thank them for not closing things. Now pick up your socks, I already cleaned this room.

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Marva said...

So glad you found your coupons!!!! Yay! i know you are relieved! I also like to have things done up. It helps not to have such a mess when I return! I am also like you in the respect, asI would hate to die and someone find my house upside down! Blessings!!!