Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Oahu day 1 and 2 Koko Head Hike and Pearl Harbor Memorial

We had a beautiful sunrise leaving early for Hawaii. This was a view of our small mountains in Huntsville.  

We stayed at the Hawaiian Village in Honolulu. It was a beautiful property right on Waikiki Beach. It has a few pools and a lagoon with SUP and kayaks and stuff to rent. One pool has a slide for younger kids. We honestly got in the car and were off every day and didnt do much at the resort. This was our view of Honolulu and the marina to our left off our balcony.

The 2nd day on island we went to the Pearl Harbor museum. The Arizona memorial was hit by a tug boat so it was closed that day. We were disppointed not to get to see it up close. The rest was nice to see and honor the men and women who went through that attack. 
We then thought we would like to do something a little active, but werent up to a hike yet  so went to Koko Head. My son in the army said it wasnt even a hike just a short climb to the top so we went. When we drove up and saw the trail up I started wondering if it was too much. I have been running and walking a big hill at home to tey to train for hiking. Hahahaha, that was a joke compared to the climb of Koko Head. 

KOKO Head was a tramline to care5y supplies up the mountain, so you hike up the railroad ties, which are like stairs that are spaced apart so it is like doing lunges......lots and lots of lunges. 

Then you get to the steep part and it is almost verticle. I didn't do that part. By that time I was thinking I had a good enough view and knew I couldnt make it. My husband and boys and youngest daughter went to the top. They all said it was tough. I thought they would give me grief for stopping at the crwst, but they said they didnt blame me. When you read about the older people who do it twice a day with ankle weights, dont think it is easy. They are just rockin older people.  

Views from the crest.

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