Friday, December 27, 2013

Quilt made from my dad's shirts

 My dad passed away last year after a battle with cancer so I wanted to do something special with his shirts. I used this pattern to make my first quilt out of his shirts. It takes seven shirts to make the quilt.
 I left pockets and tags to add character to the quilt and show it was made from shirts.

 It is my first quilt so don't look too closely as blocks don't match perfectly. Learning as I go.
The back of the quilt is pieced from the backs and scraps of the shirts. I gave this to my step mother for Christmas. I have a tub of shirts and ties and hope to make a quilt for each of my children and myself in the coming year.


Bridget said...

This is so beautiful! I wish that I could quilt or even just sew because this would be such a wonderful gift for my mom. I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Keep up thfe great posts please. I am a Southern girl too. We live in Alabama - right outside Birmingham. Seeing your post on all the places to visit made me realize that I have all these great places practically in my backyard and have not taken my little girl to any of them. I hope to start blogging again soon and I will look to your blog for inspiration! I really did not enjoy my last blog at all so I am going to start a more personal one. Thanks, Bridget

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classesncamps said...

this is so amazing. hats off to your dad's work.
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