Friday, April 5, 2013

30 Day Housecleaning Challenge Day 5- kithchen and living room

Day 5 of the housecleaning challenge  at MoneySavingMom was to surface clean your kitchen and living room.



momstheword said...

Looks awesome! I've always loved your white kitchen. I want white cupboards! ;)

Deidra Schaefer said...

You have a nice home! Keeping it clean will make it even more beautiful. I like you counter tops too. Did you know that hydrogen peroxide is a great countertop cleaner? You just mix it with water and spray the area you want to clean. It removes stains quickly and you don't even have to make an effort of scrubbing it as the dirt will come out easy. All you have to do is to wipe them. Try it! It's effective and inexpensive. Have a great day!

Deidra Schaefer

Lyda said...

Amazing "after" pics! Did you use any particular brands in cleaning up the living room, specifically the carpets and couches? Those tend to be the hardest to clean, in my experience.

Lyda @

Chastity Zook said...

You must clean your house daily so that you can keep away from disease-causing germs. However, our busy schedule prohibits us from being able to clean our home from top to bottom. The best solution is hiring professional cleaners. They can be of great help in giving you a clean home.

Chastity @ My Home

Helpling said...

Very neat and tidy! Did you use normal cleaning products or organic options?

Paula from Helpling Melbourne Cleaning Service

Southerner said...

I use a mixture. I mix dawn and vinegar to use in the tubs. I do use windex as I can't seem to get glass clean with vinegar alone. I also use comet on my sink and glass top stove.