Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My freezers are stuffed! I have three- THREE- freezers and they are all so full you cannot get another thing in them. We bought the small chest freezer off Craigslist because my husband is hunting and it is to put in the deer meat he gets. Thank God that he hasn't killed anything yet :)

I cleaned two shelves in my inside side-by-side freezer today and took an inventory to start using this week. I plan to buy bread, milk and fruit this week as needed, but think I have everything else. Here is my menu for the rest of the week.

Lego waffles
Frozen biscuits and sausage
eggs- omelets with ham and cheese
frozen oatmeal/banana/yogurt muffins

Roast sandwiches
turkey roll up in lettuce
chicken salad
frozen gluten free lasagna- kids have hot pockets/personal pizzas
red beans and rice

Hamburgers, sweet potato/french fries, salad, leftover peas
boiled shimp, fried okra, corn on cob
vegetable soup with leftover roast and vegetables
grilled chops, lima beans, rice
????- need to clean more shelves to see what else I have


momstheword said...

Your menus look yummy! Good for you for menu planning. I need to do more of that.

Three freezers? Wow, I am impressed!

sujata said...

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