Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kauai, Hawaii The Sheraton Resort in Po'ipu

 After 18 years of home schooling I finished my last day teaching on Friday and left Sunday for a trip to Kauai, Hawaii. What a wonderful way to celebrate the end of that part of my life and spend some time with my husband. We stayed at the Sheraton Resort in Po'ipu, Hawaii on the island of Kauai. It is an amazing resort right on the beach. Our room and location was fabulous! This photo was taken from the balcony. They have different buildings, some across the street, but it was worth every penny to have this view every day.
 From the balcony looking more to the right.

 We had the deluxe ocean view room. The bed was so comfortable and I wanted to steal the pillows because they were so so comfortable :)

 It had a mini refrigerator in the TV cabinet, but no microwave. The prices at the restaurants were outrageous... cheapest thing was $29 without sides.

 This kid was amazing. He was doing flips and landing them. I wanted to take more photos but felt like some crazy weirdo taking photos off the balcony.

 My gorgeous honey at the beach in front of the hotel.

 The rocks create tide pools so we had fun finding small fish, crabs, and other sea life.
 The Sheraton from the beach view.


Robert said...

That looks awesome , how long did you get to stay? Did they offer any special deals or was it just expensive and you splurged?

Southerner said...

My husband had to go on business the first few days so his company paid. We stayed at the Sheraton 5 days then moved to the north part of the island for two nights. It is totally expensive in Hawaii, though. We had to pay for the last two nights and paid $150 a night at a small condo that wasn't on the beach. I am sure the Sheraton has specials, but since we didn't have to pay I didn't look.