Monday, May 28, 2012

Garden Update

 The garden has taken off the last two weeks. In the rear is a zucchini. My okra is finally coming up between the first set of arbors. Then I have green beans between the next set of arbors, with pole beans on the arbor. In the front two beds are pink-eye purple hull peas and butter beans.
 In the rear the green beans again and corn. It is about 4 foot high. Then in the front are the peas, butter beans, onions with a spaghetti squash in the rear of that third bed, and in the mounded bed are potatoes. We added all the dirt above the wood of the bed two weeks ago and the potatoes have already pushed through and grown a foot above that. We need to get some straw to cover the top now.
My tomatoes are looking really good. I have one turning red so hope to eat it this week! My peppers are producing also and I have eaten two banana peppers and one green pepper.

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