Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Frugal things done lately

 I've been mainly eating out of the pantry and freezer for three weeks. I ran by Publix for the last day of their sale to pick up some bagels. I love to have these on hand for a quick breakfast or an in between snack for my many teens that live in my house. They were buy one get one free so they came up to $.95 a bag. I got 4 plain and 3 cinnamon raisin and also some cream cheese. I bought honey butter the other day for my daughter to put on them.
 I haven't done a lot of garage sales this year. I don't really know why because we've always gone every Saturday. I guess I got to the point where I have so much stuff and it is hard to find teen clothes and I just haven't gone. Well, we went Saturday. It was a pretty good day. I got this package of kitchen towels and dishrags for $3. I cannot have enough. I seriously have at least 10 in each load per day. We grab them to wipe up everything instead of paper towels.
I got three pair of athletic pants for my 12 year old. Only two are pictured because the other pair, which were navy, were already worn. They were $.50 each.

I went to Walmart and when we got home the kids put up groceries. I later looked and we had ribs and brisket. I called and Walmart cannot restock the items and so I got free meat! I made this recipe. They were very good! I used peas we had in the freezer. The last of the potatoes that were going bad and the last of cheese to make scalloped potatoes. I got the tomato in an Amish village for $.79 a lb.
I put a dry rub on the brisket and baked it in a roasting pan. After it cooks an hour you turn the temp down and add beef broth to the pan. It was OK but not great so I will not link the recipe. I used butter beans and corn from the freezer that I put up this summer.

I have a whole turkey thawing in the refrigerator and am going to roast it and make up some meals using turkey instead of chicken like turkey pot pie, turkey enchiladas, turkey and rice soup, and turkey king ranch casserole. That was a big item to get out of the freezer.

I have used a lot of my cooked chicken, all the cooked or frozen hamburger, broccoli, used a lot of flour to make cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and biscuits. I still have a lot of flour! Trying hard to use it all and restock. I've used 2 cans of milk that are expired and have 2 or 3 more. I have added it half with regular milk in pancake, cinnamon roll, and biscuit mixes. I have a partial jar of chunky peanut butter to use to make peanut butter cookies.

We have 6 opened jars of peanut butter! I have taken the new unopened jars out of the main pantry so they can't open another one. I think I will also take a few of the opened ones out because they are all almost full. That is so irritating. I bought 6 jars at Sams. I've heard the price was going up for two months on the boards. With it being said on Newsweek and the main evening news shows I knew I better get some more. Sams had not raised their price, but there were many empty boxes in the place. I had to crawl under the shelf to the very back to get some. I may go back and get a few more.

An Aldis opened in Huntsville so my daughter picked me up 8 carton of eggs that were $.45 a carton. I am going to make up muffin tin quiches with ham or sausage. I think I will make some breakfast burritos, also. I am having a hard time using them now that I got them. I need to make a quiche for supper and tuna fish, and deviled eggs and let my husband take them for a snack.

I got green peppers at the Amish village 3/$1. I picked up 6 and cut 4 in strips and froze them for fajitas and peppers and onions.

I know I can go another week with cooking from my freezer. My meal plan is:
Wed- turkey pot pie
Thurs- quiche
Friday- turkey enchiladas
Sat- chicken stir fry (have a stir fry kit from Sam's I need to use)
Sun- turkey and rice soup
Mon- Red beans and rice ( bought smoked sausage at Sam's for $2 a lb)
Tue- turkey king ranch casserole
Wed- black bean soup

hopefully I can eat up some of the free boxed vegetables I have in the freezer  in the pot pie and with enchiladas and the casserole. I can add any leftovers to the turkey and rice soup.

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