Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to do with the foyer????

This is my foyer. It is a really big room and has two story walls and an angle wall where the stairs go up and turn, splitting into one going up to a catwalk for the upstairs rooms, and a staircase going down into the kitchen and family room area. We turned the dining room into a bedroom so I moved our dining table and buffet and an old antique dresser that belonged to my great-grandmother in the foyer. This photo doesn't show the size of the room, that table is pretty big, seating eight comfortably.

I have this wall going up the stairs that is two story. Because it is so tall it just looks like a big blank blob of beige. I have toyed with the idea of putting a wall of frames here. What do you think? I am scared it will look cluttered instead.

This is the buffet that goes with the table. I think I am going to paint it and am looking at a gray color. It is an antique, but needs refinishing. The table has some damage on one of the legs and the top is worn and scratched.

This wall is really hard to figure out what to do with it. I don't like it at all. I want a couple of large florals or Italian landscapes or something, but I can't find what I want. I also want a very large floral arrangement with a red flower added in. I also would like to make a burlap or other floor length tablecloth.
I think I am going to paint all the interior doors a light gray, but I am not sure. I like the look of painted doors with the white trim.
I need something on the sidelights. The morning sun is horrendous and is really bad on my table. It comes in the upper window as well as the sidelights. I have thought about a faux burlap panel. I have also looked at some of the window films at Lowes and am not sure about them.

The wall. So, what do you think.... wall of frames or not? Any other ideas?

These are some inspiration photos of walls of frames. I have collected a lot and some are black some are brown and some have a light patina. I don't want all black since my furniture and accessories I plan to do have more of a country French color scheme. I think the mixture will blend better. I plan to pick up more frames and continue to add to it when I find them cheap.

The one above is a mixture of frame colors. This house was Coastal Living or one of the other magazines. It belongs to Judy Cullbreth and is located in Fairhope, AL. I worked with her mother, Grace at the dentist I worked for from 11th grade until after I graduated.

These are some of the painted pieces that I like. This is what I am looking at to paint my table and buffet.

The one above and below has the doors in a gray tone that I am looking at painting my interior doors. I like the one with more blue in it on the chest above to paint the buffet and table. I actually may refinish the table in wood tone, and just paint the buffet, or the other way around.

I like the colors below. Would love two prints like that for my awkward wall behind the table. Mix that with a large arrangement with red in it on the table. It gives an idea of the painted furniture with colors I am using.
I am planning on painting the banisters black like this.


Dawn said...

My personal opinion is that pictures (unless they are very large) shouldn't be hung too much higher than a person's head (accounting for the rising stairs, of course) otherwise you won't be able to see the pictures. Have you considered hanging an antique quilt in that space? My neighbor did it in a similar space and it really looks nice AND had the added benefit of absorbing sound in an area that otherwise tended to be a little echoe-y.

Love the idea of painting the furniture and grays are really popular right now.

Can't wait to see what you decide to do!

Marva said...

Instead of pictures....what about plates....... just a thought! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Your foyer is beautiful. I know whatever you decide on will make it gorgeous. I have a little pip-squeak of a foyer and have no idea what to do with it. I do not have the decorating talent that you have. I think I'll do what you did. Take photos and ask for advice.

Southerner said...

great ideas dawn and marva!