Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stretching Your Money

1. oil lamp and oil $1
2. Wilton pans- 4 for $1
3. bike for $15
4. desk $10, lamp $2, computer $20, cork board frame $2

I have been frugal for so long that many things I do are second nature and I don't even realize they are not normal for other people. First, I would like to make it clear that there is a very big difference between being frugal and cheap. Being frugal is making thought out purchases for quality items. Some people confuse that with cheap people who steal ketchup packets from restaurants or sneak into people's garbage for stuff. I have picked up items on the side of the road for bulk pick up, but wouldn't go into someone's garbage can for anything. Also, there are people who take stuff just because it is free and they really do not have a use for it. It ends up cluttering up their home, taking their time, and is not a benefit to their lives.

One of my favorite Saturday activities is going to garage sales. I find so many things and it has become unwise for me to spend full retail on items I can find for such deals. I get clothes that are name brand, from nice homes, and they look brand new. Some need some love in the way of a coat of paint, but most are perfect the way they are.

So, I thought I would share some of the items I look for secondhand.

  1. picture frames- I am collecting all I can to make a frame wall going up my stairs.

  2. candles- even melting ones can be used when the lights are out

  3. clothes, winter gear, snow boots/pants

  4. decor items

  5. oil lamps, lanterns, flashlights

  6. white dishes- I love to find pitchers, platters, bowls, and more to add to my collection

  7. dishes- I look for colorful dishes to mix in for different tablesettings. I also look for platters, single plates, or bowls that I can use when I make a food dish for someone else. You don't have to get the dish back.

  8. tupperware containers

  9. pyrex, corningware, and baking pans

  10. jewelry pieces- they add so much to your outfits

  11. totes and backpacks- I always have extra backpacks for the kids.

  12. extra phone chargers, cell phones, etc- we try to keep one back up phone around. We can never make it through our plan without something happening to atleast one phone.

  13. books and magazines- I especially love to find great cookbooks

  14. furniture pieces- think outside the box and imagine it painted a different color

  15. table linens and curtains

  16. fabric for sewing- it may be a moo-moo for a 500 lb woman with a great print. Look at things with an eye that it can be cut and redone. Sheets are a great source!

  17. baskets and containers

  18. games, puzzles, toys


John'aLee said...

Just found your blog. Love it. I'm becoming your latest follower!
I noticed you want to quilt this year. If you find a good local quilt shoppe they most likely will have a beginner's class that will really get you off to a good start. I used to teach one in the shoppe I had in Utah before I moved here.
Look forward to getting to know you!

chocoholic said...


I'm a newly wed searching for a job and until I find one we're on about a $75/two weeks grocery budget. I'd love it if you could refer me to some budget friendly recipes and share any other tips.

-Rachel at Diary of a Chocoholic

PS: I really would like/need the tips now but if you're up for also doing a guest post that would be great as well!