Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reversible Nursing Cover

One of my high school friends asked me to make her a nursing cover. The beautiful part of this story is that she was unable to have children so she has adopted two very beautiful girls from China. After all this time she came up pregnant and will be giving birth to her third girl very soon. I am so excited for them and can't wait to see their new addition.

I used this tutorial to make the cover. What I hate is that I had to use my old machine and the darn thing is not feeding the material through. I cleaned it and it was better, but still not right. I had to tug from behind to get the fabric to move and not bunch up. So, my stitches were wonky on the top where the boning goes and the boning kept pushing my fabric to the side while I tugged from behind and tried to get it straight. I sewed another row and tried to pick out the very wonky seam line, but it was too small of stitches and I couldn't get them out. Other than MY machine problems this was very easy to make and took about two hours to do.

I hope my friend has many many enjoyable moments relaxing in a chair nursing her baby. There is nothing better than just watching their sweet little faces and cuddling with them as they nurse.


Tami said...

I love this. I may attempt one but I'm not a very good seamstress. I may recruit my neighbor to help me. I've just been using baby blanket for cover but this would be much more stylish.

Rochelle said...

Thank you for making the cover for me. I love it, and I love you, too! You rock!