Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eating from the pantry

I looked in my freezers and made a list of what all I had. I am working on getting more food stored when I find sales so I would like to clean out and inventory what I have. I would like to use up some of the older items so that I can start fresh with new meat and vegetables. I am going to try to use up all I can through the end of the month, but I will continue to buy all the almost free coupon deals through the month. I don't plan on purchasing any meat or vegetables unless I see a really good deal. I hope that I can get by with buying eggs, milk, fruit, and bread.

This is my meals that I have planned using what I have:

I have 7 lbs of hamburger

  1. spaghetti

  2. tater tot casserole

  3. hamburger goulash

  4. burgers

  5. hamburger helper

  6. hamburger vegetable soup

  7. spaghetti

I have 8 bags of cooked chicken

  1. chicken and white bean soup

  2. chicken taco

  3. chicken pot pie

  4. chicken and rice soup

  5. tortilla chicken casserole

  6. king ranch chicken casserole

  7. chicken and rice bake

  8. chicken taco

I have two bags of chicken breasts- each with 7 breasts

  1. chicken marsala

  2. bbq chicken

One whole turkey

  1. baked turkey

  2. turkey shepherds pie

  3. turkey tetrizinni

  4. turkey noodle soup with white beans

Miscellaneous items I have

  1. bag roast beef- make a stew over rice

  2. 2 burritos/1/4 bags of fajita meat, 2 corndogs- pull out all of these and eat it up one meal

  3. bag meatballs- make Wedding meatball soup

  4. lentil burritos

  5. butterbeans and cornbread- add any other vegetables that are left overs

  6. quiche- add in any leftovers

So, this meal plan will take me through February 14th. I may go further if we have leftovers or cereal nights. So, my goal is to only spend $50 through the end of the month on groceries.

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Anonymous said...

That's a great goal. You are starting with a good selection too.