Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Emergency Preparedness

We have had two snow storms in Alabama in the last month which is just amazing! Anytime we get any snow it is such a treat. Because it is so rare people in our area aren't always the best at being prepared to handle being stuck at home a few days. I grew up along the Alabama coast so we had hurricanes and tropical storms every year. It was normal to keep some food and supplies stocked up for power outages. In north Alabama we have a lot of tornados so we really need to keep supplies to weather these storms also. So what do we need to have ready?
  1. flashlights and batteries- I have a wind up flashlight in the car and rechargeable batteries for the inside flashlights.
  2. lanterns- mine has full light or a night light setting
  3. oil lamps- oil, extra wicks
  4. lighters and matches
  5. wood
  6. tarps
  7. duct tape
  8. extra gas tank for the grill
  9. campstove and fuel
  10. battery operated radio
  11. phone that plugs in the wall- not a cordless phone
  12. charcoal
  13. water- when we know a storm is approaching we fill every container we can find with water. This time I filled my large crock pot also. Fill a bathtub for washing water. You can use the water from your water heater in an emergency.
  14. canned food
  15. snacks- granola bars, chips, crackers, peanuts- everyone gets the munchies
  16. a can opener
  17. blankets/sleeping bags
  18. candles- I pick up all candles at garage sales usually for 10-50 cents. I really like the large pillar candles. You can set them on small plates or in glass cups.
  19. coffee purculator for campstove
  20. ski bibs, ski boots or at least rubber rain boots- I put our stuff in the attic that we used on a trip to Michigan in 1998. What fit my oldest in 1998 was floodwaters on my youngest this year. My husband had two sets of boots and pants so my 18 yr old son was able to use a pair of those. I will be keeping my eyes out for stuff at garage sales and thrift stores to store away.
  21. knit caps, knit gloves, ski gloves, scarves, ear warmers
  22. snow shovel
  23. rock salt to melt ice
  24. all prescription medicines- don't let them get too low
  25. cash
  26. rubbermaid box and toilet plunger- if you need to wash clothes make a hole in the top of the lid and insert plunger. Aggitate the plunger to wash the clothes.
  27. keep your gas tank at least half full, top it off when you know a storm is coming
  28. copies of important papers
  29. pet food

In your car:

  1. blanket(s)
  2. space blankets
  3. flashlight and batteries
  4. maps- our GPS would not work most of the way home from our trip to Georgia
  5. cell phone charger
  6. First aid Kit with medicines
  7. cash- including some change
  8. extra socks, knit caps, knit gloves
  9. ponchos
  10. work gloves
  11. Leatherman type knife
  12. folding shovel
  13. jumper cables
  14. tow rope
  15. tire flat fix in a can
  16. duct tape
  17. flares
  18. window chalk- you can write "Need Help" on the window
  19. notebook and pen/pencil
  20. handwarmers
  21. coffee can with candle and lighter
  22. snacks: Peanut butter crackers, trail mix, water, granola bars, protein bars, gum
  23. umbrella
  24. ALWAYS take a jacket, even if it is only mildly cold. It gets very cold when standing on the side of the road or walking when cars pass you by.

When you know a storm is coming:

  1. Get gas
  2. Get any non parishable foods you are low on
  3. Fill containers with water
  4. Everyone bathe- may not be able to for a few days
  5. Wash clothes, sheets, towels
  6. Clean up- make sure your bathrooms and kitchen are clean, vacuum
  7. Put up items in the yard- pots, bikes, etc.
  8. Get cash
  9. Get out a flashlight or lantern so you know where it is

The more you have prepared ahead of time the less you have to do. If you have food, cash, and emergency supplies ready in a special place you won't be the one in the store fighting for the last loaf of bread or sitting in a gas line.

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Michelle said...

you are so organized. It's been since hurricane Hugo since we have needed to be that prepared in S.C. It's so funny around here seeing how the grocery stores are demolished when we get any word of snow or ice..but you can't ever be prepared enough when dealing with mother nature. I have been organizing since Christmas and have started an emergency area. I printed off your list because I'm sure there are things I have forgotten about. Next thing I'm gonna do is go out and buy snow clothes and boots for all of us..then I'm sure it will be 5 years before we get any more snow. Jeans and tennis shoes just aren't getting it If it keeps snowing 2 times a year here then its worth it for us. Take care and keep posting these helpful list. My mother reads your blog to and always tells me of the great tips you give.