Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eat from the pantry

Sweet Jeanette has issued a Pantry Challenge for this week. I have a lot of food and have been trying to eat some of the older items before stocking a lot more, so it is perfect timing in my life to accept the challenge. The rule is that all you can spend is $5.

I went through my freezer and have made a preliminary menu for the week using items I have. Now, I am horrible at sticking to it, so it may change. This is more of a guideline and also to let me know we won't go hungry.

Breakfast-fritatta with squash, pepper, onion
Lunch- Ham sandwich, carrot sticks
Supper- grilled chicken, green beans from the garden, brown rice
Snacks- orange, apple, yogurt

Breakfast- biscuits with sausage
Lunch- black bean soup
Supper- Filet mignon, sauteed spinach, yellow squash
Snacks- apple, orange, yogurt

Breakfast- omelet
Lunch- tuna sandwich, carrot sticks
Supper- grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli
Snacks- apple, orange, yogurt

Breakfast- pancakes
Lunch- Left over black bean soup
Supper- spaghetti
Snack- apple, orange, gelatin

Breakfast- scrambled egg with sausage, pepper, onion
Lunch- PB&J sandwich, carrot
Supper- king ranch chicken casserole
Snack- apple, orange, chocolate jello pudding

Breakfast- apple turnovers
Lunch- left over king ranch casserole
Supper- Santa fe soup
Snack- apple, orange, oatmeal cookies

Breakfast-eggs and grits
Lunch- left over santa fe soup
Supper- pork sirloin with gravy over rice, broccoli
Snacks- apple, homemade icecream with strawberries,


sweetjeanette said...

Ok Holly - you're putting me to shame! You're way more organized than me. I was just going to wing it today and get all down on paper tonight. You've put a new challenge in my challenge! ROFL!!!
Way to go girl! and thanks for joining up to the PANTRY CHALLENGE this week!
jeanette from

sweetjeanette said...

Hey! me again.... I just linked to your post today for all the Pantry Challenge participants to come check out your great example!
Have fun!

Shaunna said...

Hey Holly!

I know what you mean about people assuming about our state. I hope I in no way offended you...I love our home state!! We went to the winery in Calera...I've driven by it a million times and had no idea it was there! It was a pleasant surprise and we loved every minute. Thanks for the comment and I'm about to poke around here for a bit! :)