Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Garden 6/6/10

I didn't take a close up of the tomato bed, but have four tomatoes, two peppers, and two squash plants, onion bulbs, and then cucumbers on the arbor.
Some tomatoes in pots on the deck.

cherry tomatoes in the pot on the deck.

the squash is about to start growing some squash.

Roma tomatoes are growing. Sorry this photo is sideways. I can't figure out how to get to my editing stuff.

About to pick some green beans!

My herb pot. I cut it way back and dried the herbs so it could continue to grow.

In this bed there are green beans in the rear, okra in the front four rows and a squash. I have reseeded the okra and it just is not growing so I guess this pack of seeds was not any good. I have a few but not enough.

The front row are pink-eyed purple hull peas. The rear four rows are butterbeans.

I have more pink-eyed purple hull peas in this bed with pole beans on the arbor. I just harvested all my lettuce so I am ready to plant something else in this bed. I think I will get some more green beans.

I am joining in Tuesdays Garden Party at An Oregon Cottage


Ott, A. said...

Jsut stopping by from TGP. Your garden is really farther along than mine, but I'm guess being that much further south has something to do with it. Everything looks great. Happy Gardening!

Sherry said...

Nice garden! Love all your veggies. Ours are getting some rain today. Hopefully the weeds won't outgrow the produce.
Have a great week!

Sandy said...

I may have a big back yard but I can not have a veggie garden.. I'm jealous of yours! Here in sofla it's much too sandy and salty.. I have been thinking of making a 'raised garden' just for veggies,, but all the critters and bugs eat everything!
Thanks so much for your visit today..and your kind words!

Suzanne said...

You are going to be living the good life this summer with all that gardeny goodness! I love vegetable gardens. There's something so satisfying about taking food from your garden to your table all in the same day!

Dan@retrooregon,com said...

I like your beds with the trellises. I'll have to think about doing that.
Thanks for sharing at The Garden Party.

Jami@ An Oregon Cottage said...

I'm so glad to get a chance to see your garden's progress- thanks!