Friday, April 30, 2010

Prepared for ministry

We have a family in our home school group that was in need of help this week. The husband is out of the country and the mom was injured and is in bed. They have a 4th grader so needed meals. I love to have food on hand so that I am able to make a meal in times like these for another family on quick notice. I had a roast in the freezer. I thawed it overnight and cooked it in the crockpot making beef strogonoff, rice, crock pot potatoes and carrots, freezer rolls that you thaw and let rise on the counter, and a box of brownies.

Beef Stroganoff
beef tips or roast
can cream of mushroom soup
can Frenchy onion condensed soup
sour cream (optional)

I was using a roast so I let it cook about 2 hours in the soup mixture then took it out and cut it into small pieces. I then put the pieces back into the crock pot and continues to cook it for another 4 hours. If you would like the sour cream stir it in just before serving.
I had another roast I did in another crock pot for my family. I put the carrots and potatoes in it. Sprinkled on a dry package of Lipton onion soup mix and added about 1 cup water to the pot. It makes more of a consumme where the strogonoff makes a thicker gravy.

When I delivered it the mom was in the bed asleep on pain killers. The son let me in to put it on the counter and he apologized for it being messy saying that he had been trying to clean up. It was so cute because with a worn out voice he said that he had stayed up until 1 or 2 AM doing laundry.


Busy Mom said...

Good friends mean so much!! Your friend has a YUMMY meal coming :o)

momstheword said...

In the past I've had premade casseroles already in the freezer so that I could just pull them out for a quick meal or to give to a family that needed one. I need to make up a couple more to have on hand.

I remember when my dad died a bunch of people from church gave us meals for two weeks. It was just so wonderful not to worry about having to cook!

publix penny pincher said...

I love that you did that - and had it all in your freezer! There's nothing better than getting a meal when you need it - I'm sure the family felt incredibly blessed.