Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Family Vacations

We just had spring break last week and I had looked at going somewhere for the week. Man, was I shocked when I started pricing out places! It looks like $1500 is about the cheapest you can do for a week anywhere. We have to sleep 7, so that requires more space. We finally decided that we would wait until the summer because my husband is busy at work. We moved from the Destin area of Florida three years ago. We were six miles from the beach so we have never had to pay to go. Growing up in Mobile, AL we were 30 minutes from Dauphin Island and 45 minutes from Gulf Shores so we never went to stay on the beach. I thought it would be nice to stay on the beach for once. About 30 minutes from Destin is the community of Seaside, FL. It was where they filmed The Truman Show with Jim Carey. We have visited for the day and I always thought it would be great to stay there. For a 2 bedroom cottage it was $5500 for the week. I cannot imagine what the homes go for! I can't imagine paying that for a week at the beach.

After almost 20 years of marriage we have only paid for about three vacations. I guess we have been spoiled mixed with we haven't done a lot. My husband has had to travel with his job so we have spent three winters in upper Michigan. I have been to New Mexico, California, and Las Vegas as a tag-a-long on his business trips. Oh, we even drove from Michigan to Canada for the day. As a family we had season passes to Disney and went a few times. We also have gone to Gatlinburg, another place in Tennessee with my parents, my husband and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas, and have been on a cruise to Mexico.

There are so many places I would like to go. I would love to go to D.C., Colorado, to see the Grand Canyon, Savannah, San Antonio, Ashville, Montana, New York City, and my dream... Italy and Germany. I am just freaked out by the cost to travel these days! How do families afford to travel like they do. So many friends on FaceBook are constantly going places. How? The same people always get manicures and pedicures and eat out. What am I missing? I am starting to feel left out.


Windy said...

They are probably all in debt up to their eyeballs and both adults work out of the home:) That's what I like to think when I wonder the same thing!
We do go on vacation to the beach every year, but use our tax money for it and I cook while we are there.
Glad to see you back:)

Dawn said...

Ditto what Windy said! Debt, debt, debt. We have some friends who take multiple vacations each year and know for a fact that all their vacations are paid for with a credit card. Each one, every time. I just wouldn't enjoy it like that!

We do vacation at the beach every summer in Galveston. It is one of the least expensive places we've vacationed. We do get a beach house (usually on a canal rather than beachfront as we like to take our boat) because we've found renting a house is cheaper than a hotel or resort as I can take our food and cook. (I plan ahead for simple meals, using the crockpot a lot.)

FYI... some TX folks head to AL beaches for vacation. We've checked into them and found that they are much, much pricier than our own TX beachers. Granted, AL beaches are much prettier, I think!

We do a monthly budget and "vacation" is one of our categories. That way, the money is set aside every month and available by the time we need it.

Southerner said...

Man, at just $3000 a yr for vacations (a trip to the beach and one to the mountains) that is $250 a month. It seems so much to put into it! But, I do want time with family and to see the world. Maybe I need to talk to husband about putting that aside each month. Just so hard to start paying for a trip to where you lived your whole life.

Dawn, the FL beaches have pretty sugar white sand- around the Destin area the water is clear emerald color, very beautiful.

satya said...

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Busy Mom said...

LOL~ I feel your pain... I can only think of a handful of trips we have paid for... My g'parents live in FWB so we always went there. But now I live on the coast and only a short drive to the beaches and last year we did not go not once!! Had to laugh at that!!

Nice to read your blog! Have a great week! busy mom :o)