Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheap Entertainment

I have waited forever for this movie to be released on DVD! I sent my daughter to buy it this morning. We watched it after lunch and it is a great movie. What a beautiful story! I am so happy with some of the movies that have come out in the last few years that are full of good stories and even Christian films that have made it big. I wish Hollywood would listen more to the people and realize we love these movies and WANT these movies, movies we can take our kids to see and watch over and over.
We very rarely go to a theatre. The kids go with friends and spend their own money, but I have not been to see a movie since we saw Fireproof about two years ago. We used to go one time a year as a family, usually during our Christmas break. It would cost us around $80 to go and buy popcorn and drinks. Now, the tickets are $9.50 a piece! Not how I want to spend my money. We have invested in a sound system and have a nice tv so it is much more comfortable to sit at home and watch anyway.
We don't have DVR with our cable, we just have a basic package without movie channels. We found that our computer acts as a DVR. We hook it up to an antenae and my husband has it to automatically record some of our favorite shows like 24 and Lost. We buy DVDs of our favorite movies that we know we want to see many times. Good cheap entertainment.


Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

LOVED the movie. Sandra was AWESOME in it and Tim ..well he is just a hottie. LOL I also loved Fireproof!
We rent Redbox movies often. $1 per night (rare that we keep them more than one night). Cheaper than the theaters, cheaper than pay per view. And I can rent them online and pickup at the Redbox. Love that.

meg duerksen said...

i loved that movie.

i took my kids to see alvin and the chipmunks over christmas break. the man said "that will be $48" i said "for a matinee?!" i paid and then sat in the theater just ticked. i said on the way home "we could have bought two or three NEW dvds for the price of that movie. we are done. i will buy them now. $20 is cheap compared to taking all of you to the theater!"
and that is what we are doing.
just like you.
we can stay home and watch it over and over.
i'll let grandma take them to the movies. :)

Tami said...

We went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3d 2 weeks ago and it was $52 for us to go. That was just the tix and it was a matinee without Maci Clare. I think it is ridiculous. WE wait on Redbox to get them or get them from the internet. We are thinking of buying an inflatable screen so we can do outside movies during the summer.