Monday, November 16, 2009

Walmart and Publix trip

Not shown in photo - a 13 lb turkey
Total for all $72.46

3 Betty Crocker frostings Free- made $.05 each
2 Steamers vegetables $.19 each
milk $2.59
2- 5# White Lilly flour $1.49 ea

bananas $.39 lb
Butterball turkey $12.32
5 bags chips $1.75 ea
3 boxes tea $2.16 ea
150 oz Tide $17.94
gallon zipbags $1.53
quart zipbags $2.16
2 cooking sprays $1.62 ea
rubbing alcohol $.98
Degree deoderant $2.32
2 brownie mixes $1 ea
hot chocolate$2.16
Lipton chicken noodle box soup $1.12
6 cream of chicken soup $.49 ea(price matched from Target)
Tyson country fried steak $4.98

I have $96 remaining for the month to stay on our $600 a month budget- we ate out Memorial Day for over $26 and have had some small fast food type stops that are included in our grocery budget. I do not have a seperate budget item for eating out, I keep it in our total. I do occasionally put a meal in our entertainment budget if it is a special occasion or we have extra there to absorb it.

Join in at Money Saving Moms for more deals this week.


Deborah Ann said...

Wow, now that's what I call organization! Nice blog!

momstheword said...

Awesome job, my friend! I still haven't gone to Target yet.

I did go to the thrift store today and bought a cute little thing. It wasn't the color I wanted but I thought "I can spray paint it!"

smilernpb said...

I *wish* that UK supermarkets would do this.....I want lots of free stuff!

We hardly ever get coupons. Boo!

Hope all is well x

Melissa Wilhoit said...

where do you get your coupons, Holly?