Thursday, August 20, 2009

When you can't sleep... Dream!

I found a new blog tonight. Knack Studios is in South Carolina if you happen to be lucky enough to visit in person. If not, you can still drool over some of the items in her shop. She has a blog showing the before and after of all these pieces. I love painted furniture. I love when you take an old, ugly, out of date piece and transform it with a new color and new knobs. I have been thinking of painting the table and buffet in my foyer a shade of green. I like this shade or one in this shade but with a darker tone.
I have a three drawer end table that I am going to paint. It is on a narrow wall at the entrance when you come in our garage door. My table set in the kitchen is a color similar to this. I think I am going to paint the table similar to this.

Can you picture the ugly '70's china cabinet that this was. Do you usually see no hope for those pieces? There is hope.

Oh, my! This looks like it came out of a French castle. Absolutely love it!

This would be fun to paint on the top. I know this is either fabric or wallpaper, but you could copy a piece of fabric and make a stencil and paint on a design as well.


Tami said...

Just so happens she is in a neighboring town(30 minutes away and where we go to the orthodontist and doctor and do everything else that needs to be done in a big town) and I might take a trip over there in the next couple of weeks and check her out. Thanks for the post.

knack said...

thank you so much for the knack love! I really appreciate it! xo