Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How NOT to advertise your items for sale

This is a listing off the Huntsville, AL Craigslist. Can you tell what the person is selling? They actually have the same item listed twice with one photo on the first listing and one on the second listing.
Did you guess the cabinets? Nope. Both listings are for a retro 1950's blue and white table with 6 chairs for $350. This is like photography gone bad. One, can we see more than the tops of a couple of chairs? Second, I would do all things possible to avoid getting the messy, opened cabinet in my photo. I guess I am just a little weird, but how about cleaning off the top of the table and actually photographing the table. The scary thought.... what if they are avoiding a mess? One that is worse than what they photographed. Um, Clean Sweep, we have a project for you.
Disclaimer: I know that people outside of the South think Alabama is full of hicks that can't speak well and marry their relatives. I am here to say that although the above person seems to be someone without cleaning abilities or much skill at pointing a camera at an object to photograph, they only make up a small portion of people living in our wonderful state. I am sure there are people without skills in your area of the country as well, so please do not pass judgement on us. Let's all learn to live together and love one another.


momstheword said...

That is indeed strange that they barely showed the table. I would want to highlight the table, and not the cabinet!

Tami said...

Crazy! Do you think they will actually sell that? I doubt it.