Saturday, August 29, 2009

Garage sale 8/29/09

I picked up this frame for $3.00. It is larger than it looks in the photo. I needed a frame for the painting my aunt did of the home my mom grew up in. My grandfather built the home himself. It was a small two bedroom log cabin on the property of my grandmother's parent's home in Ellisville, Mississippi.

I paid $5.00 for this frame, hoping to frame a very large photo that was done of me when I was three. It wasn't the correct size. This frame is very big and has beautiful coloring. I will have to frame a chalkboard or burlap board because it is too fabulous to let go.

I bought this painting for $4.oo to go in our turquoise bathroom. The lady said her father-in-law painted it. I think he was very talented. He didn't sign it, which is sad. The edges of the canvas are not painted. I need to frame it, don't I?

Pillow for $1.00

Bass shoes for $2.00

The oblong basket was $1.00. It will be perfect for rolls or breadsticks. The welcome sign was $1.00 and the eggs were $.50.

Pear candle was $.10. The lady said she HATED it when I came to buy it. I gave her a quarter and waited 10 minutes for change and got 5 penneys. I should have ran without getting change. I am not sure I really like it either, but for $.10 it is a great candle to burn.

Two spatulas for $1.00. The bag of protectors to put under the feet of furniture was $.50.

Double ball bowling bag $5.00. My husband is sending it to his uncle that has started bowling.

The chest was $30.00. I don't like the crackle finish so I will be painting it probably a blue to match my kitchen table.

Condiment server was $3.00 and it was new in the box.

The set of six bottles was $3.00.

Two crib size quilts for $1.00 each. I was thinking of using them for making tote bags.

Full size quilt was $3.00. I can always use quilts.

This is a square pillow sham- a really big one. I love the nubby fabric!

Set of three candlesticks was $3.00.

Visit Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for more posts. Be prepared, Rhoda mentions that she is getting bored with garage sales lately. I just covered my ears.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much our styles are alike. It's great! The glass bottles are really great. I am looking forward to changing up our house decor once we get to California and will be doing the garage sale thing, I love redoing furniture so that is always a bonus!! Thanks for always inspiring me with your finds!

momstheword said...

I love the three candlesticks! Ooh and that cabinet is awesome too. You got some awesome deals.

Where are you going to put the set of bottles, or are you going to leave them where they are?

I thought about going to some garage sales this morning but it rained. Maybe it'll be better next week. I need to go at least one more time (I have only been out one day this summer).

momstheword said...

Oh and I want to see more of your house too! I love how you decorate.

Southerner said...

Thanks,Nan. I am working on my daughter's room redo and we are in love. There are a few photos of our home on the blog- there is a catagory called "our house" I keep waiting to post b/c each room is not finished. There is probably a big project to do or in process in every room of my house. Hope to get some done soon.
I am not sure where I will put the bottles. Any ideas? I have them on the cabinet right now, but five kids walking or running by in and out that door sure is dangerous. Darryl is making fun of my bottles and was smelling them saying they were probably meth bottles and we were going to get arrested.

Southerner said...

joann- I bet there is some fabulous stuff from rich LA people.

Tami said...

Good finds. I did okay Saturday too but I just don't have time to post everything. I bought a white cabinet too but it is sitting in the garage waiting to be painted. I only paid $5 for mine. I love it but don't really have anywhere to put it. I'm going to try to post some garage sale finds pics soon.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Haha! Not really bored, just a little burned out at the end of season (and not a lot of room to hold more stuff, got to have my own sale SOON), but we still have Sept. & Oct. to around here. Many of the large neighborhood sales happen in the fall, so you can bet I'll get my yardsale mojo going again!

You got some really nice things! Look at you go. Love that furniture piece, that will be pretty.

Pam @ This Humble House said...

I love your style! That cabinet is great! Great glass bottles and I love the candle holders, too!

~ Pam

Cindy said...

Great finds, I especially like the white chest that you got and I love the colorful bottles and condiment dishes. Hugs, Cindy S.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great haul! Oh, the potential with that cabinet. Thanks for sharing.

darnold23 said...

That's amazing! I would love for you to join in Crock Pot Wednesdays at Mister Linky is up and ready for your entry. Thanks for posting.

Linda said...

You sure did find some great deals out there, love the cabinet and glass bottles. Do you live in Alabama? I live in Mobile.


Susie Q said...

What great finds. As for the canvas pic...I have an original oil painting we got for a wedding present. Took it out of the frame some years ago and I have just put the painting back up. I'm going to get some ribbon that coordinates and glue that around it. More casual looks.

The cabinet is so pretty

Wendy said...

Great finds! I LOVE that chest! And the frames are great!
Pretty painting, too.