Friday, July 10, 2009

Atlanta to California

I drove to Atlanta on Tuesday and was able to spend the afternoon with one of my oldest friends. I met Jamey when her father was called to our church as Children's Pastor. We both went to our church school and she came in the middle of our 1st grade. We were joined at the hip and I took vacations with her, she visited my dad in Atlanta with me, we went skating three times a week, she stayed at my house in the summers because we were members of the pool. We told everyone we were sisters. Her last name was Wood and one time the person knew she was Charles Wood's daughter so they looked at us funny when we said our names because they thought he really named his child (me) Holly Wood. She is a friend that you can just pick back up with and no matter what will always be your friend. My boys were taking the photos, hence the angles. I have continuous shudder so they were taking millions of photos and we were laughing so hard we couldn't get a photo. It was like rapid fire photography.

Some of the clouds from my plane window. My camera battery died (after the boys had their fun with it) or I could show you one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen. Right before landing the sun was setting in the background and there were mountains and a big body of water (China Lake?) and it was just amazingly beautiful. God is so evident in creation sometimes. Maybe it was just too beautiful to share and must be experienced.

We are staying in Oxnard, CA. We drove the convertible Mustang around Oxnard after he got off yesterday. These are some of the beach homes. You couldn't see the beach like you can in Destin, FL so I don't know if it is pretty. All we saw is sand. We didn't want to get out and walk last night. It wasn't sugar white sand like in Florida, more the color of Gulf Shores. I love the Spanish architecture. It really was exactly like when we drove in Mexico. I remembered how manicured and landscaped California was from my last visit. I wish I could speak Spanish because I am definitely a minority and they may be talking about me. I just smile. Southern thing. They are probably saying to look at the dorky white Southern girl. That I have no clue they are calling me names. I just smile. Really, the people have been very friendly.

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Leslie said...

My husband and I had a little laugh about your post because we thought your perspective was so right on.(We were born and raised in Oxnard). Have fun! I will enjoy reading about your trip.