Monday, June 22, 2009

What is important?

Moms the Word hosts this Meme each week. What can you do to make your home sing today?

From the time my kids were born they heard Christian songs, were read Bible stories, learned about Jesus and what is right and wrong. Because it has been drilled into their heads how to behave and what we expect it is so discouraging when they fail to say, "Yes maam." or allow selfishness to overtake them to the point of murdering their brother with their tongue or a stare that would make a tatooed motorcycle man hide in shame. I am admitting that at times I have yelled and acted uncontrollably like an idiot, all in the name of trying to train them to honor God. I know the best way to train them is by example, it is just so frustrating to say the same things over and over. To repremand them over and over. You just want to shout, "What is wrong with you? Have you lost your ever lovin mind?" Senseless acts. Brain vacations. Uncontrolled tongues. Uncontrolled anger.
As my children age and more and more outside influences are brought into our home, the things that are brought before us have grown. What used to be our biggest battle was to get their bedroom clean is now met with peers doing drugs, sexuality, driving MY car, music from outside influences. The pull on our teens is so strong. Satan wants them to be driven from our influence. He desires for them to seek joy where it cannot be found.
I am so proud of my kids. I am seeing an opening and an honesty of mistakes and a genuine desire to follow Christ, although they have to find God for themselves and how to let Him reign in their lives. It is heatbreaking to sit back and watch that process as God pulls, and Satan pulls, and the child struggles to understand.
What does this have to do with Making My Home Sing? I am hit with the reminder that I spend too much time worrying about my kids saying, "Thank you. " and "Please" and if their room is clean, and that they are wearing Converse sneakers to church with their dress. What do these things matter? I have taught them and will continue to teach them. But, in the end, these things are such small matters. To make my home sing it is more important that I stop so much correcting and "teaching" and remember to tell them, "I love you." "You are special." " I love being with you." I do love each more than words can describe. Nothing could ever stop that. I hope they know that and that it is enough to give them a solid foundation. I would do anything for them, even unto death. My heart is full.


Chris said...

great post... it also serves as a reminder to me as i face adjustments in every phase of life.. thanks for sharing!

Mommy Journey

Julie said...

Thank you for such a great post and reminder about those most important things in life.

momstheword said...

What an awesome post and reminder. We so need to hear this!

I know when they're little you spend so much time "Did you do this?" or "Did you forget to do that?"

Even as they get older, like you said, you're teaching or correcting or advising, and it is important to find that balance and to pick your battles.

It is also very important to let them know they are loved and valued. And to find the balance between training them but also letting know they're accepted and loved.

I know that there are some things that just aren't as important as you said.

You are so right about all the negative influences out there. I am just so thankful that we can turn our worries and concerns over to the Lord!

Thank you for joining us today!