Sunday, June 21, 2009

Camper in progress

I am exhausted. We got up to go to garage sales, then we have worked in a heat index of 104 today. I painted the shelf I bought for my sewing area that I will show you tomorrow. I weeded 3 of my raised beds. It is amazing how much they grow in a week or so. But, they sure were easy to weed, it just pulls out so easily of the two beds that are mostly my homemade compost. My husband worked to finish replacing the side wall in the bedroom of the camper and reinstall the painted cabinets. I am so excited!

This is the cabinets that go over the bed in their before state:
And here they are painted white. The three holes are where there was moroon upholstered pieces that I need to recover and put in. The two doors have etched glass mirrors, which are horrible. I am not sure what to do with them. I am considering scrapbook papering them.

We had to replace the wall behind the cabinets and bed and also a portion of the wall to the right of the bed, the part that is not painted. I had my husband put beadboard paneling on the back wall for a cottage look. We didn't do the wall section to the right because we would have had to do all the walls. We didn't have to remove the one nightstand so that is on the to do list to paint in place. I am going to paint the walls, over the wallpaper, a white. Then I will bring in color with different fabrics in the pillows. BTW, the mattress was taken out while my husband worked, we don't sleep on wood.

This is the kitchen and I hope to one day paint the cabinets in here white. I think I am going to tape off and paint all the upholstered pieces of fabric in each of the cabinets in here. It is worth trying. I am going to make curtains and reupholster the setee seats.

Just another view showing what they require of me camping... to cook for 6-7 in this!

Then we all gather on this and try to get comfy. I am reupholstering this piece and adding curtains and painting the walls.

Across from the couch is a tiny chair. The tv sits on this little counter. All this space is smaller than my closet. I think we are crazy.

Going on down the hall there are three closets. The first has shelves and the other two open to each other and have a rod. Lots of storage!

The bathroom vanity. I am thinking a cornflower blue for this.

Tiny tub. We just use the bathhouse. This is used for hanging towels annd bathing suits. A nice rack for that, huh?
Well, not sure how quickly we are going to get it remodeled. Considering my doors have been off my cabinets in the kitchen for over a year. I would rather live life and enjoy camping than remodel, although I love to remodel. We can't park our camper here at the house, so that makes it harder, also. We are probably driving the president of the homeowner association crazy.


Bama Girl in AZ said...

wow, what a great project! You could also by that frosting spray and just frost the mirrored sections? Can't wait to see more pics of this project!

Windy said...

can't wait to see more progress!
what about chalboard paint for the other part, then you could write a cute message on one and things to bring for the next trip on the other:)