Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baseball 2009

We are almost done with the season. Kyle's team won last night with a 45 minute inning. They pulled it out winning 17-16, ending the game at 10:30 last night. The boys were past the tired state and were in the silly stupor. I was with Jacob on the other quad so only made it to the end of the game. I asked if they had poured sugar down their throats, and I tried to pawn Kyle off to two moms for the night. No luck. I had to bring him home.

This photo looks like the pitcher is asking for the ball.
Then, he and shortstop look surprised that Kyle threw it home and not to the pitcher.

This boy in the wheelchair broke his leg sliding into 3rd during our last regular season game. He waited a little late to slide and his prong on his cleat dug down and hung up under the base. That prevented his foot from progressing forward while the rest of his body did. Result... snapped tibia and spiral fracture of the other bone. The coach said the foot was hanging sideways. It took 30 minutes for the ambulance to get there, stabalize him and get him off the field. Poor boy, he was wailing in pain. He had surgery to pin the tibia back together and is done for the summer. The boys, who had won two games all season, won the game by 10 points. They were so on fire.
In this photo, he came to our first tournament game and the coach is giving him a bucket of candy and a card that the team signed.

Jacob is number 7.


momstheword said...

ooh, I love what you're doing with the camper! I also love the action shot of Kyle throwing the ball. He's got the moves!

Sorry to burst your bubble (hehehe) but that picture was taken in 1974 and in 1984 I was 26 and married. Which makes me 51 now (gasp!). But I'll be your age if you want me to be, lol!

momstheword said...

The funny thing is one of my good friends is 16 years younger than me, and two others are about seven years younger. Although I do have some good friends my age too that I had since high school.