Friday, May 15, 2009

Gone to get Lu Lu

I think I have her name, but I am not sure. I am calling her LuLu today. Darryl has gone to get her some new tires and bring her home. Now don't hold me to that name for our camper, I am reserving the right to change my mind.

I found another inspiration fabric. This is also an indoor outdoor fabric, which is what I want. I love the bold geometric print! I am thinking of using this, or something similar, on the banquette in the living room and then the lime green on the table seats. I DON'T KNOW! Little Lu Lu will have to just speak to me when she finally arrives and I can see her for myself.

The above sofa is an inspiration photo of a sofa in the green color. I heart it.

I could just stare at these prints. Ahhh!

I need some big floor pillows like this, except if I made them square we could throw a sleeping bag on them and use them as a bed for little kids.
Hurry home little LuLu, we love you.


momstheword said...

Welcome to the family Lu Lu. Perhaps she can play with our Minerva some day. Minerva doesn't get out much. Just camps in the backyard. But she's always raring to go.

Southerner said...

Moms- Manerva? Is that her real name? Ha, ha. So, I am not the only weird one with a camper name? A part of me wants to keep the southern roots and go with a name like EmilyGrace or something, but Lu Lu is just sticking. Don't you picture Lu Lu as a fat aunt that is the life of all your gatherings. She is the one that always has a hug and makes you feel so welcome. She cooks delicious foods and always has a lot of fun things planned. That is my little LuLu. Lu Lu doesn't put on aires or do fancy, her style is more relaxed and casual. You can boil some shrimp and pour it down the center of the table at LuLu's.

Christy said...

You're both weird. LOL! :0)

Southerner said...

THAT is not nice, Christy, or is the Golde coming out?

Marva said...

You have an award........blessings!