Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Comparing Gym Prices

I have decided that for a person that doesn't want their family to look at her workout, for me to try to workout at home is useless. I either have to get up before 6:00 or wait until the shuffle of everyone getting ready for work and school is over. I can make myself get up, I can't make myself move. I have tried waiting until my husband leaves and I lock myself in my room and do a DVD. My kids ALWAYS find an excuse to knock on the door or I can hear them downstairs arguing or playing when they are supposed to be doing their school work. Then there is the added complication of: if I wake up early I need my weights downstairs, and it I wait till later I need them upstairs. All these complications give me added excuses to the other excuses list of too hot, too cold, busy day, feel like I might be sick next week.
So, I have decided to join a gym and give myself a little love and time away from everyone to focus on me, all me. The closest gym is Curves, but I am not a Curves kind of girl. In the past I have enjoyed kickboxing and Pilate's and I really like weights, I am not much of a go in a circle from machine to machine person. The next gym is Benders and it is co-ed. It does not offer classes before 9 and does not offer kickboxing or Pilate's during a time I could go. The one I am leaning to join is Riviera. It is all women. It has early classes. It has classes available between 4-6 that I could do if I didn't make it in the morning. Then, the last place I am considering is the Wellness Center and it has classes and a pool. I used to be on the swim team and enjoyed doing laps when we lived in Florida, so I would enjoy having a pool. But, it is a little further and that would be an excuse enhancer for me( it is only about 6 miles, still, just getting in traffic.)
Curves- don't know, don't care
Benders $45 month, but it includes tanning
Riviera $35 month with 2 year contract or $499 upfront or $399 for one year upfront.
Wellness Center $49 month with no contract + $99 evaluation/ blood work required
The best price is the Riviera paying $499 upfront. That comes to $20.79 a month. You save $341.00 over the monthly fee and $300.00 if I paid for the one year upfront-twice.
It is $580.00 less than the Benders price for 2 years.
It is $676.00 less than the Wellness Center for 2 years.
I am considering the pros and cons of what I want and what each offers. I think the Riviera has the best classes that I am looking for. One of the fears is a commitment not used, or maybe that is an incentive because it has been paid. I also really like that Riviera is women only. In Florida I was on the treadmill and could overhear these two men talking about a woman in the weight section and discussing whether her "girls" were real or not. I know I would just drive men crazy if they had to watch me workout so I think I need to remove myself from the temptation.
Ah, decisions! I want it all: tanning, a pool, women only, weights, classes scheduled around me, and most of all a chiseled body without the work.


Michelle said...

Good luck...I've joined the gym too. I also purchased the Wii personal trainer today?? Maybe the kids and I will enjoy that together.

To catch up---love the red beans and rice recipe and congrats on the camper...that will be so much fun. Can't wait to see your make-over:)

Dawn said...

Hey, if you figure out how to get the chisled body without the work out, please let us know!

Good for you on working out - I'm trying to summons the motivation to get started (again!), too!

momstheword said...

I joined the gym before I had kids and went a couple of times and then I quit. However, I know of some people who go because they paid good money for it. I just know I won't go.

There is one really close to my house but the prices are ridiculous, so I won't go to that one either.

Guess I'll keep working out at home.....

We have a bowflex downstairs but I keep using my free weights. I've used it twice I think and really need to use it more.

I rarely use the treadmill either. Usually I just do my Jillian Michaels dvd or another exercise dvd.

Have fun with whatever you decide!

Oh, and I love looking at other people's cleaning schedules. It's fun!

Tami said...

You should check out the local YMCA or YWCA. Ours is awesome. They even have an indoor pool. And it is fairly cheap to join even though I am not member. So check it out.

Southerner said...

We don't have one in our town. They are building a Y sometime but I don't know when.

Angie said...

Good luck with making the right choice! My husband works for a hospital and we are members at their gym for free, but I have only been a few times. I walk and lift weights here at home. I would probably see some results if I'd quit eating so much!