Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stocking more than groceries

As a way to save money and be prepared I try to stock my pantry with items when I find a great deal. Shopping the sales with the coupons gets me many items free or nearly free. But, groceries are not the only things to stock up. I have made a mental list of items to look for this garage sale season.

  • I want to stock up clothing for the boys a size ahead.
  • Items that are very cheap that I can use for crafting material.
  • Items for the rest of us that fit us now or can be tailored to fit.
  • I plan to spend an extra $5 a week purchasing items solely for the purpose of reselling at the Kids Mart or consignment store.
  • I want to pay for all the youngest three children's clothing with money made from reselling clothes on consignment.

Toiletries and Medicine:

  • Have one year supply of toiletries and medicine.
  • I get most of these items from CVS and Walgreen rebates or couponing.
  • My husband takes a prescription blood pressure medicine, so I am working to get one month ahead with that medication.

Craft, School , and Office Supplies:

  • Buy all the items I see that can be used in our school and crafting.
  • Buy unusual containers and baskets for gifting.
  • Platters and tins for baked gift items.
  • Look for unusual items to use in giftwrapping like keys, maps, broaches.
  • Operation Christmas Child Box toys and school or craft supplies
  • New items for Dirty Santa or kid's birthday parties


  • Tupperware, bakeware, etc.
  • Jars for canning and gift giving mixes in a jar.
  • Holiday decor items
  • Decortions
  • Themed party items
  • Linens for the beds and tables
  • Frames to paint
  • plates to mix into my dishes
  • candles/lanterns/oil lamps-( can be used in power outages. )
  • Books and magazines
  • Pots for gardening
  • Games/ DVDs
  • Chandalier for the kitchen- to paint

It helps me to have a goal or focus of items I need so that I don't overbuy. I really need to complete many projects before bringing in anymore items that need paint or work to fit into our home.


justusseven said...

Hi - I wanted to tell you about FAMILY FUN FRIDAY. I hope you will join us!

momstheword said...

I didn't go to hardly any yard sales last year (although I did go to the thrift store). I'm hoping to get to some more this year!

You are smart to have a list in hand. That will save time and money!

momstheword said...

I am so sorry you lost your mom at such a young age. I can't even imagine. What a blessing to have had so many mentors and encouragers in your life.

You made my point exactly. Many times different people teach and encourage us in different things. And you're right, you have to be intentional and look beyond and get to know them.

Michelle said...

Great ideas and good to have a list like that on hand...I think I may copy a thing or two from it!

Love your crock pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hey ,

where did you go and when will you be back miss reading your blog.