Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Absense makes y'all just love me more, right?

I have had a few people ask where I am so I thought I would leave a note. I never intended to let it go this long without blogging. I have just needed to take a little time to step back and try to focus on things at home. You know how you look at your life and realize that something has to give. I was just feeling like I was drowning in life and trying too hard to blog when the most important things are to take care of the needs of my family. I have not coupon shopped in over 5 weeks- can you believe it? I made a one time trip to Walmart and have just sent my two teens for pick ups of milk and bread. I really want to sit down and organize my coupons and plan to start again next week. It started when I put all the coupons in my envelopes to go get the sales and then just didn't go to the store. Instead, I ate out of the pantry. This went on for about three weeks and I kept redoing the coupons and then finally just went to Walmart and planned to start again. I understand better how people who say that the couponing is overwhelming because the thought of having to sit down and reorganize it all is overwhelming to me right now.

There is nothing wrong,I guess, except the fact that when I looked up I was not happy with what I was becoming. I used to have supper on the table and the house in order. Supper was becoming what I could throw together and my house felt like it was consuming me. On top of that my kids were becoming lazy in their work watching me be lazy with mine. My main job is a homemaker and that has to be first. So, I plan to start back, but try to limit my time on the computer. I need to schedule posts and spend more time living life. I don't want to be a mom known for sitting on the computer all day. I have missed all the great friends I have made on the computer- my cyber friends. If you have any suggestions about how you balance it all please leave your words of wisdom.

I hope if any of you reading this are spending more time on the computer than you do in the tasks of caring for your home then you will take the time to examine and change that. God has blessed us with our husbands and children and given us the task to feed and clothe them and to make our home run smoothly.


momstheword said...

Isn't it great when the teens can drive to the store? After you get over the initial shock of them driving, of course.

I totally understand about the time factor. I just took last week off, and am currently thinking about how I will do this blogging thing.

I have several posts in drafts that I wrote ahead so that I can pull to schedule to print. I think I will have some days where I don't post at all, and some where the post is short.

I don't know, I'm just thinking thru it as I go.

I know two other bloggers on "hiatus" right now...well, I don't "know" them but I know their blogs.

Grab a favorite t.v. show (or a friend) and organize your coupons while you watch t.v. or chat!

Tami said...

I'm so glad you are back. I have missed you. I've been checking everyday to see if you were posting. I was beginning to worry but didn't want to comment and seem like a nag. I have limited my time on the computer too but my house still looks awful (lol). I'm glad everything is okay and I'm glad you are back.

Michelle said...

funny...I had the same thoughts overwhelming me for the past month....I also stepped back...I started blogging for the sake of my document special moments for them...somewhere it became something else...while at the same time I love hearing about all of your lives and special times I had to re-focus. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

I find fixing a set schedule works.
Try three days per week for blogging not more than 6 hours per week on the computer. This is what works at my home with me and my 7.
I set a timer I use two hour blocks of time at any given sitting and I normally miss whatever movie the rest of the family is watching in order to complete my work. I know a number of gals who get up early or stay up late to do the work but I need my sleep so I just do it this way.
If I only get to it once per week then so be it. Family first is my top priority, in fact as the kids have gotten older it is Hubby first then kids after all one day you look up and you have an empty nest and the two of you just looking at each other so once my last one was middle school age I changed over to Hubby first then kids. It has served us very well. We still have a happy marriage unlike many of our divorced friends.
Best of luck with your computer and blogging time.

PS: I say Congratulations to Susan Boyle she is proof that not always is talent in a beautiful young body. We all assume things in life and often discount folks before we give them a fair shake / I loved this lady from the first moment she spoke on stage and I was saying just wait she will sing so great she will knock them all for a loop.

Anonymous said...

The coupon thing does get overwhelming as well never have quite figured all of that out and I have been at it for 30 years I almost have a system that really works now but I am still perfecting it.
Here is what I do.
I have 6 folders labeled week 1 thru 6
I first go thru the paper very fast cut out all the coupons I think I want and any high dollar coupon.
Next I file them in my file box I have categories that are according to my grocery store.
I then file the remaining Smart Source and the Red Plum etc. under the week. Starting with week one being the first week of Jan 2009.
When I file that in the folder marked week one. When I get to week 7. I throw away the old week one and place that in the new week one. This system works and it works well.

Anonymous said... Just go to the web-site and there is a world of information. I have been using her for 8 years. I used to be at home and now I am working full time. She is a great encourager and help. I get the e-mials, but you do not have to. You can go to the web-site and see what your missions are. 15 minutes at a time. I enjoy my home and my family. Kris