Friday, March 13, 2009

Kroger 3/12/09

We leave tomorrow for Mobile and then Panama City so I was buying junk food for the car and to eat while sitting on the beach.

split chicken breasts were on clearance for $.49 a lb!!!!
sub sandwich buns were on clearance for $1.50
bread 99
2 oreos $2.50 ea
lettuce 2.50
9 Hungry Man meals $1.50 ea
2 Lean Cuisine $1.50 ea
diet Dr Pepper free after coupon
2 stayfree $4- $2/2 Q= $1 each
tortillas $1.79
taco shells $1.49
2 Cheeze its $

Used $6 off $60 Kroger coupon- home mailer
Total $55.86

I know the Hungry Man are not the best food for you, but I now have two teens working and they often are in a hurry to go from school to work and need something to quickly heat up. Now, all the oreos, chips and cheeze its are for the trip. And, don't you all buy that much chicken the day before you leave to go out of town? Just to make packing and cleaning a little more fun, having to cook up 18 lbs of chicken.

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