Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday's Snow

I have boring snow pictures. I went out to take some pictures of the kids, but they were off down the street. They carried buckets to the field and gathered snow and played there. It was too cold to follow them and I needed to be getting ready for church so, here are the boring photos I took.


momstheword said...

I say that snow is never boring! I always think it's pretty, but I must admit I don't like to drive in it and I don't like when the electricity goes out...yuck!

Cheri said...

I cannot believe that here in Virginia it was almost 70 on Thursday, then 5.5 inches of snow last night and two snow days, and it's supposed to be 60s again next weekend!

Marva said...

Great pictures! Haven't we had some crazy weather here?!

Glad you're back from the retreat. Hope you had a good time. Where was it held?

The snow was gorgeous! We had a blast with it and the snow cream was soooooo yummy! What a treat!

All of our churches were called off around here.


smilernpb said...

Hope that you had a good retreat!

Wow the weather looks lovely, but then again, I always think that snow looks lovely, it's the practicalities of it that aren't so nice (cancelled work, delays, having to actually travel in it, that kind of thing). I take it that it's not usual to get weather like this where you live?

Southerner said...

Moms- the snow wasn't boring except that it didn't stay long- it was gone when we came out of church.

Cheri- we have had the same weather with hot days that are spring like then all the sudden we are in the 20's. All the Bradford pears were blooming and the bulbs were up. Hope they don't all die.

Marva- I loved the photos of your boys. They have beautiful skin!

Smilernpb- No, we do not get snow much. It snowed two years ago when we first moved and I woke the kids up at 3 in the morning to play in it, because I knew it would melt.

Michelle said...

Snow around our parts is never boring! I still love it like the kids however I'm glad we didn't get it again...2 times in one whole year was unheard of for us.

Beautiful bring on SPRING!

Jamie Lea said...

I've been reading for a while, not sure if I've ever commented just wanted to say hi. The snow pic's are beautiful, I miss the snow, not much of that going on in S. Teaxa *lol*