Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kids Mart Time Again

It is that time again... time for Kids Mart Consignment Sale. I brought down the two rubbermaid boxes from the attic and this has been sitting in my room for a few days. Saturday Darryl and I had the boys get every pair of pants and shorts out of their rooms and try them on and weeded out the stuff that doesn't fit them right. Today I finally decided to tackle going through it to see what I can consign. I filled the one rubbermaid box with winter items. After the consignment sale our neighborhood will have a sale so I will go ahead and see if any of this will sell then. What does not sell I will save for the fall sale. I also will be buying stuff at garage sales to consign in the fall. I keep my target price at $1.00. I will not buy any khaki or denim pants because they had racks of those. The ones on hanger below are just the pants and shorts. We had 40 pair of just khaki and denim pants and shorts!
This is what I get to do tonight while they are at AWANA. never ends.


Christina said...

I found your blog today through Metamorphosis Monday. Your bathroom makeover is wonderful. What a difference.

Marva said...

Wow! That's a lot of stuff! If not too personal, how much do you usually make from kids mart?


Southerner said...

Marva- I have only done Kids Market one other time. I can't remember what I made but I think it was around $120. It all depends on what you have. My target lowest price was $1 just to get rid of a bunch of things. They get 1/3 of the selling price. The items go to 25% off then 50% off in the final week. So,if you price an item at $6 you might sell it for $6 and make $4 after the $2 commission or it may go to half price of $3 and you make $2 after a $1 commission.

They have a lot of jeans and khaki pants so I mark them $5-$6 and then make my minimum. I mark shorts sets and dresses more-$10-$20 so I can make at least $5. A lot of nice, in style clothing sells at full price because people know it won't last. Tops I price around $6.

Does that help? If not ask away:)