Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Homemade detergent or Tide? The battle of the detergents.

For Works For Me Wednesday I am sharing the results of the test between Tide

and homemade detergent. I made up the homemade detergent with Arm and Hammar Washing Powder, Borax and grated Zote soap.

I have been trying this detergent since December 8th.
The verdict:

I tried. I washed in warm water and was having to spray items with Shout. My husband kept complaining that his shirts had spots- he thinks from the grated soap. When they went paintballing and I washed the pants and they still had paintball powder on them it was the final straw and he told me to go get Tide. He wouldn't even wait for a sale or coupon and sent my son to buy a bottle.

So, I would love to be one of the many that use the cheaper version of homemade detergent, but it just did not work for us. I have not tried the version where you cook the ingredients, it may work better. For us... what works is Tide. I have to have the high efficiency detergent for my front loader so I stick with what has worked. It may cost more to purchase but saves rewashing or the aggrivation of not having fresh clean clothes.

For more Works for me Wednesday visit Rocks in my Dryer. This is Shannon's last week to host this event- next week We are That Family will take over. Thanks Shannon for all the work you have done and bringing us all the great tips.


momstheword said...

I have heard that it doesn't work in high efficiency washers but don't know why. I've heard some people put it into their food processor and grind it into a powder.

Amanda T said...

You need Fels Naptha Soap for your HE washer. If you ever decide to give it another try. ;)

Southerner said...

I didn't see a blog link to Amanda T. so does anyone know for sure that the Nels Naptha soap would work in HE washers? Everything I read before purchasing ingredients said use any soap- many even used Ivory. I have not seen that it makes a difference so am curious if Amanda tried two and had a difference or if anyone has any first hand knowledge.

Tami said...

I am using Wisk HE and it is working wonderfully. And it is a little cheaper than Tide and smells just as goo (actually I think better considering the Tide was the worst detergent that we tried when we first go our front loader.). and there are always coupons in the paper. Just thought you might like to try it.

Michelle said...

Thats a hard area to cut back in...

Marva said...

Just stopped by to put my two cents in too...... we use Tide mainly, but occassionally Wisk or Cheer. I like all three, but prefer Tide. I suppose that is because I grew up with Tide?! Anyhow, I am not brave enough to try to make my own.

I do however, make my own fabric softener (at least most of the time). Blessings!

Kuddos to you for trying! Thanks for the great advice too!

Momma @ said...

We switched a couple of months ago from Tide to homemade and I can tell you why yours didn't work as effectively. You used Arm & Hammer detergent... not Washing Soda. It's essentially like using 1 cup of Tide to wash a bottle's worth of clothes. The Washing Soda is in the same section as the Borax, and is in a much smaller box.

Good on ya for going the homemade route and trying it for a while :) It took a LOT of convincing to get my husband on board.