Thursday, January 22, 2009

What are YOU doing today?

This is me today. All sick and feeling bad. It happens everytime I start exercising. I think my body rebels and tells me that all the cookies are stayin. So, today I have searched for things to do, later, when breathing is coming from my nose. Here is some of what I found that is so good!
Use up all your scraps and make scrappy bias tape for all your projects. They are from I heart Linen. Go to her last post and see her photos of her little kids. They are so cute.

Oh my goodness! Look at this time party. How funny!

I am definitely going to tell the kids their Scrabble game ran away so I can make these! Make and Takes shows you how. I just ordered three pendants today from Kissisng Kumquats Etsy store. She has a sale because she has to sell these before the new law goes into effect where you have to have items tested for lead. If you buy two of her pendants for $18.00 you get one free- so 3 for $18.00. I bought the brown one for my daughter, the pink one for me, and the red one for my step mother's birthday in February.

How about a nursing cover for a gift idea. It is from Made by the Mama Monster and she shows you how here.

How about this fabric covered wash tub from Joys Hope! You could do this on the smaller pails. I love the papers used here. A tutorial is here.

Check out this scarf tutorial from Thirty Handmade Days. My niece has baby blankets made like this out of flannel and LOVES them. The more you wash them the softer and more the edges fray. They are so in love with them that this is a definite Christmas gift for next year.

You can make this doll sling using this tutorial from The Wooden Spoon.


Karen said...

Had to come over and visit after reading your morning routine on Inspired Room. I'm impressed! And was laughing at the end about yelling at the kids. I thought, okay, she is normal:) Love your blog. I'll be back to read some more.

Michelle said...

Great post...I'm gonna check out some of these...thanks!

Good luck with your diet..mines starting off too slow too! I have joined a gym but they havent opened yet...hopefully in the next few weeks!

Shop Without Money Sisters said...

Looks more fun than what I've been doing - shredding paper and cleaning out the filing cabinet! I gues it did keep me out of the cookie jar - heehee.