Sunday, January 11, 2009

Publix 1/11/09

Total $10.98
2 milk $3.19 ea
2 bread $.89 ea
bacon $2
crackers $.01 ( this is the weekly penny item)
Each week in the Sunday paper there is a coupon in the Publix ad for a mystery item that is $.01 with a $10 purchase. I made a purchase of $10.00 so that I could get the item which was the crackers this week. It is something different each week and I have gotten peanut butter, tissues, a bag of jelly worms, salad dressing, hot chocolate, and other items. The coupon is only good for Sunday and Monday so I am trying to start making a Sunday stop while I am at church near the store.

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Marva said...

Great job! Wish we had one closer!