Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kroger 1/11/09

I had Kroger coupons that were mailed to me that expired today so I made a run to Kroger. Also, in the mail yesterday I received more coupons – one $5 off a $45 purchase and one $6 off a $60 purchase. I was trying to get my total to the $45 after coupons so that I could use the $5 coupon.

12 pack Pepsi – free Kroger mailer coupon
Eggs- free Kroger mailer coupon
10 Lean Cuisine- $1.88 each – (2) $2/5 coupons =$1.48 ea
5 Pillsbury toaster strudels $2.00 ea- (2) $1 Q=$1, (3) $.35 double coupon = $1.30 ea
4 Dial 3 pack soap- $1 ea- (4) $.35 doubled Q= $.30 ea
2 3-pk Ivory soap $1 ea
Carrot $1, 3# potatoes $2.99, lettuce $1.19- used Kroger coupon for $1.50 WYB $5 vegetables
Grapes $2.17, bananas $1.70 – used Kroger coupon for $1 WYB $3 in fruit
2 pretzels $1 ea
6 Hamburger Helper $1 ea- (2)$1/3 Q=$.67 ea
Ice cream $2.89- $.65 Kroger coupon= $2.24
Shedds spread $2.89- $.35 Kroger coupon= $2.54
2 Cheerios $2.67 ea- $1/2 Kroger coupon= $1.83 ea
Kroger 8 oz cheese $2.19- $.45 Kroger coupon= $1.74

Sub total $52.69- $5 Kroger coupon WYB $45 in groceries
TOTAL $47.69

The grapes are really really good. I just wanted to mention that some of these items are convienience items like the Hamburger Helper and toaster strudels. They are not cheap and are things that using basic ingredients you could make a cheaper meal. But, they are things that are good for me to have on hand so that we don't run by McDonalds for a biscuit when my husband is rushed. We can pull together a quick skillet meal when it has been one of those days. I love to have Lean Cuisines on hand to keep me from eating something out of starvation that would blow my diet. I also paid over my normal $1 a box for the Cheerios because it is one cereal that we eat. I don't like sugar filled cereal so I will almost pay full price for Cheerios- I love it with a sliced banana. So, what am I trying to say? I am saying that cheap is not always the best, know what your family patterns and needs are and be prepared. I wouldn't want to feed my family Toaster strudels and Hamburger Helper a lot but sure am glad when we need something and it is there. And ice cream- well, I was wearing boots that were killing my feet, I was hungry, and I did save $.65 cents!

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