Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Christmas tree

Okay, blogger is driving me crazy so just go with it, alright? This is me when I was 5. My youngest son looks just like me, down to the blonde hair. All my other kids hair changed to brown by the time they were 8, but he is still blonde. Just the shape of his face and his coloring-if you cut my hair into a buzz cut it would be him in a red checked dress. I wish you could see the rest of this outfit. It has an attached red skirt and a BIG WIDE white belt and I had on go-go white boots that came to my knees. Loved those boots. Wish I still had them. Notice the yarn ribbon in my hair. What happened to those.
Frankenmuth, Michigan is a German town and I bought a boy and girl. The boy is in the repair box. My oldest son in the background.

My oldest son a month before his 2nd birthday. They made these at church. Could of used some paint pens for the date instead of trying to write with glitter glue that was all over my dress and Bible and car and house and a trail wherever we went.

The kids get an ornament each year. I found this the year of the monkey craze at Cracker Barrel. I think it was two years ago.

I guess the rest are on the kids trees upstairs. I loved these tin animals I found at Pier 1. The kids got a lion. alligator, elephant, panda, and ? that year.

How have you survived you breakable pretty? Live each year to the fullest because the death rate of china is high around here.

This picture cracks me up. You have to know C. She is really slow to warm to new things and they wanted her to stand in front of huge wings and smile. NOT HAPPENING! So, they gave her Barney, a little better, but not smiling.

I have had an angel on top for years. She lights up and flaps her wings. I know, it is freaking me out, too. Well, I am so tired of her- she is too fru fru for me. And, she falls off the tree when she gets excited and flaps too hard. So, my top was naked. In comes fall foliage on clearance. Clip stems and stick in top of tree. No more Victorianish angel- now mohawk tree. I want a star- a rustic star. My husband bought one but it is fru fru so I made a funny face and didn't tear into the packaging. I am going to look some more. I would like a tin one. Can you do that? Just cut it out with tin snips, hit it with a mallet to shape it from flat to poufy and weld the edges to a back side. How easy is that? My husband can do anything- ARE YOU LISTENING?

oh wait! how do you like the wrapping? all done by the kids. They NEVER put bows on, don't know why. They absolutely are dying to open each others. We know what J's is- a watch. the alarm went off. Note: disable alarms before wrapping.

Most of the ornaments are handmade by the kids. I have my oldest two children's ornaments ont his tree because they don't have one. The other three have one in their room.

See more decorations at The Southern Hostess. Post pictures of your home.


Christy said...

The alarm went off! How funny! ;0)

Valarie Lea said...

Love your tree! It reminds me of mine. No specific theme, just lots of memories.

Tami said...

There is a store downtown Greenville (there is also one in Savannah and probably other places I just don't know about) that sells retro and vintage clothing. It is called The Clothing Warehouse. We were in there one night and they had black and white go go boots. Guess what I asked for for Christmas? You got it! Go go boots. I love them. Now I'm not sure I will get them but if I don't, I'm going to try to buy them after Christmas.

ellen b said...

What a great tree and I love all the "over the years" ornaments on it. It's a lot like mine :0)

mishebe said...

I like the picture ornaments. i wish i had some to. Great idea.

Terri and Bob said...

Cute pictures!!! I love the ornaments!

Liz said...

Our big tree is full of the same wonderful kind of memories. I love it!


Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

All of your ornaments are precious, and the memories connected to the are priceless! The watch present story was pretty funny! ~Rhonda :)