Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A little Christmas Decorating

This was my Grandmaw Harper's dough bowl. She was in her 70's when I was born in 1968. So, this bowl is really old. I have it sitting on my coffee table and change it seasonally. I bought a bouquet of clearanced fall flowers (the greenery in the bowl) at Hobby Lobby and cut the stems. I used most as a topper for my Christmas tree and the extras in this bowl.
This is the half bath downstairs. I just added a swag to the top of the mirror.

I bought this shell plate at the end of the summer from Kohl's. I had a bowl of shells in this half bath but decided to put the plate in here when I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets. I put the shells on the plate and added some ornaments.

Ellen made this cake for our Sunday School party. It is a Williams Sanoma pan. It was so cute.
Ellen had a 12 foot Christmas tree! I have never seen a tree that big in a house. It was beautiful. She also has some beautiful black and white photographs that are blown up and framed. I asked her when she was taking my family photo. We can just photoshop me skinny.

My good friend, Michele, that is serving in Papua New Guinea gave me this tea pot before she left. I love it! I found the plate at the dollar store and it goes so well with the tea pot. I have this sitting in a large tray on the ottoman in our media room. I am going to add some more items later. Maybe a bowl of kisses or a candle or something.

We have our dining room table in the foyer. This is how it is decorated at the moment. I am trying to use what I have. I am getting rid of some of my older (mauve) decorations and don't have enough for this house. Slowly I will add things but I don't feel a need to rush out and spend a lot. I am just using what I have for now and will add stuff when they clearance it.

I have this dresser that belonged to my mom's grandmother in my foyer. It is to the right of the entrance door and at the foot of the stairs. I bought the silver tray at a garage sale. I was given the box Snowman at a Christmas party the month after we moved here.( It was a different church we were visiting.) We have had the gumball tree since I was a little girl. I need to get some gumballs to put on it. I hate gumballs. But, they are the cutest on the tree- all sugery like snow.

This buffet is in my foyer. I bought this tree that used to go on my dining table when it was in a dining room.

This kids love to put up an ornament on our calendar each night.


Tami said...

Love the decorations. Most of mine are still in the attic. With everything we've had going on, I've only put up the Christmas trees. I may be a little more motivated in a couple of days when things calm down a bit. I'm so jealous of your Kroger. I wish we had Kroger. Even if there was one about 40 minutes it would probably be worth it.

Marva said...

Great job! We are going light on the decorating this year. 20 little fingers to break it all......it's hidden far away in the closet! LOL!


Michelle said...

Love all your decorations...I have my grandmothers dough bowl like that too...I jsut love it!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

All of your Christmas decor is just lovely! I really like the dough bowl, and the shells and ornaments combination is a wonderful idea! ~Rhonda :)

Valarie Lea said...

You know I love that Dough bowl!