Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How to let it all go

I have had A LOT of comments lately from friends about how they get in a grocery store and think about me and getting deals. Well, to keep it real there are times when it is worth sanity to pay more. I thought I would share some ways that I have spent more lately figuring time is more valuable than money...

  • I have been using my dryer instead of hanging clothes- with the exception of the day my dryer was broken. I needed to get the clothes washed and put up more than I needed to save $.50 a load to hang dry.
  • My husband bought a video and I had a $5 off coupon. It is just not worth driving and fighting traffic to return it and rebuy just to save $5.
  • My husband and I went shopping today. I did not have one coupon. I paid $120 for two days worth of food. I was hungry and bought a cheese ball and crackers, Pillsbury cookie dough, a frozen lasagna, corndogs, and other items to snack on the next few days.
  • I am going to make Pillsbury cookies instead of homemade. I bought sprinkles and some cookie cutters to decorate them with.
  • We started a tradition 11 years ago when my son was born on December 22nd. I came home on the 24th from the hospital and we just went and bought a lasagna to have Christmas. My husband told me he loved that I was not cooking all day and how relaxed it was. We now have a lasagna every year. I have given up trying to make a perfect meal. I was going to make a homemade lasagna but really just am out of steam and picked one up.
  • My garland is still not finished. We came home last night and I don't care to work on it for a day. I think I will just put it away and can do it next year.
  • I bought frozen waffles and stuff to make a breakfast casserole. Quick meals made ahead of time so I am not in the kitchen.
  • Sorry teachers, but not one is getting a present this year. My first time to skip this. I really appreciate them but just didn't get anything this year. I think December lost some days this year.
  • Um, ditto neighbors and friends. You will not be getting cookies or bread or special treats. I will wave when I pass you- or quickly turn my head and pretend I didn't see you so I don't feel so bad.
  • Um, please don't check your mailbox for a Christmas card. I feel like such a rebel.

I look at some blogs out there and can easily become intimidated and feel like I am not measuring up. I cannot do it all . When I craft or decorate laundry piles up and no one eats. I desire to decorate so much more and make so many gifts and cook all the special meals but I can't do it all. For everything there is a season and it is not my season. I tell about the store deals so that you can take advantage and use your money more wisely. I hope you never feel intimidated or like you don't measure up. I have had a lot of comments lately that seem to say that others are feeling that way. I don't take advantage of every deal- I pick the ones best suited for my time and money. Sometimes it is worth spending more for your time to spend with family.


Michelle said...

Girl...I feel your pain...Bottom line...Christmas just came to soon this year! I think everybody feels the same way, I know I do...

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

I understand. This is my first time at your blog and I like it! Today I decided it wasn't worth the hastle of going back into a crazy, packed store to correct a $3.00 mistake! Sometimes you just have to let it go! It wasn't worth my aggrevation right now. I try my best to use some coupons, but I don't find them all or remember to used them before they expire. That's life! Anyway...thanks for your post! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Great post and SOOOOO true. Sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves is to just let some things go sometimes. If I start feeling stressed and disorganized, buying convenience foods, using the dryer instead of line drying, and any other time saving tricks helps me get my equilibrium back. Thanks for your honesty and making everyone feel like it's ok. Julie

Brenda said...

Don't feel bad. I am the same way this year. You get to a point that your family just has to come first. No Christmas cards from us either. I might do New Year's Cards but I might just skip that two.

Valarie Lea said...

Oh my goodness, it sounds like you are turning into me. :)

Your right sometimes we just need to take the easier road, even if it soes cost a bit more, but the outcome of time spent with family is so worth it. :)

momstheword said...

I think we all have ways in which we save money and ways in which we save time. I think it all balances out somewhat in the end.

What's funny is how we're all different about it. For instance, I will use paper napkins and paper towels but will hang some of my laundry to dry. So I scrimp in one area and splurge in the other.

Have a very Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing so honestly today.

Mrs. Darling said...

The storm ahs set christmas on a back burner around here it seems. But now that its christmas eve we are again in full swing.

Just want to wish you a merry christmas and many blessings from above this coming year.

Simply_Pam said...

Love it.. Hey we all are doing the best that we can. My best may not be someone elses best, but it's "My" best... if my best doesn't stack up well with others that's ok..I'm not here to win a prize... I'm just sharing my life with others... and I am all about keeping it simple....Simply_Pam

Becc said...

Aaah... Happy Birthday Jesus!
But I am breathing easier and I'm ready to rest.

Connie said...

You go girl...be a rebel. I can relate to all of this post on a daily level. I just wish I had the desire to cook homemade stuff more often. I hope you all had a great holiday and I'm ready for the decorations to come down as well. December just went really fast this year.
Oh yeah, I could just kiss you for telling me my kids look like me. All of their young lives everyone has said they look like Keith and my mother-in-law. I've often felt left out of the gene pool. So a BIG THANK YOU.
Ps. We were looking at homes in Huntsville yesterday. Nothing special...just interested in moving to Mad/Hunt. one day, any suggestions.