Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where to get coupons

I had someone ask in my comments section where I get all my coupons. I thought I would post it instead of answering in the comments section because I figure that it may benefit more people who have the same question.
  1. The first place is the Sunday paper. Once a month Procter and Gamble puts in a coupon insert so I usually will go pick up another paper that day so I will have extra coupon inserts.
  2. Magizines always have coupons. Walmart has a magazine that is only sold there called ALL YOU. It has a ton of coupons in it. The magizine just increased their price to a little over $2, but it is still worth paying for it because you make it back in coupons.
  3. Publix has a seasonal booklet found up front with coupons in it. Kmart and other stores also will put out booklets found at the front so check as you go in. I always pick up a few. This week at Publix they had the College Inn 32 oz. stock on sale $2.79/2 with BOGO. In the Publix winter booklet they had a $1 coupon. I saw it and picked up 4 booklets. When I walked out I got 4 more. I ended up doing 4 transactions (at different times) buying 4 cartons each time- paying $.40 each carton. In the booklets some coupons are for that store only- but some say manufacture coupon and you can use them at any store. Publix also accepts competitors coupons. I took coupons out of the same booklet to Walgreens and got Scotch tape for $.15 each. I took coupons to Kroger and got free Scotch Brite scrubbers.
  4. Sign up for all reward/loyalty cards. CVS will e-mail coupons for $5 off $20 purchase. Walgreens also does this regurlarly. Kroger mails me a sheet of coupons about every 3 months and it includes free items like eggs, produce up to $3, 12 pack Pepsi.
  5. The majority of my high value coupons are printed off the internet., Eat Better America,, Home solutions news, Smart source, Target, and many manufacturer's websites.
  6. You can load coupons onto your Kroger card from Proctor and Gamble , Shortcuts, Cellfire. You can use the loaded coupon in combination with a manufacturer coupon for extra savings. The loaded coupons do not double.
  7. Free Samples from Walmart, Costco (You do not have to be a member of the store)They will usually include coupons with your sample when it mails to you.
  8. You can also trade for coupons at Hot Coupon World or buy them off e-bay or
  9. Always look in boxes or bags of products you buy. Chex had a BOGO coupon on their boxes earlier this year for El Paso taco seasoning. I always have coupons in my hair color. Glade candles will have coupons. Sometimes coupons are printed on the inside of a box so you have to look.
  10. Blinkie machines and tear pads: In the aisles of the grocery store they will have the machines that have coupons that come out, or tear pads with coupons. I always pick these up and save for when the item goes on sale.
  11. A lot of times the product will have a free after rebate or $1 off peelie on the item. You are to peel the coupon and use with the purchase. If you have another coupon that expires earlier you can save the peelie to use later.
  12. Don't forget rebate items. I buy everything from Rite Aid and Walgreens that I get free after rebate. I make money when I use a coupon to pay then get the full amount of the item back. I also get all the CVS items that they offer each month that you pay for and then get the ECB (extra care bucks) back. Occasionally I will find rebates from other sources and purchase that product for a rebate.

To keep up with the deals the best place to check is Hot Coupon World- this is a link to the forums. You can then either search per store or click on the bar at the top for new posts. If you look at the new posts section it will bring up the whole thread for a subject. I find it easier to go back that way than going the other way to the store and starting from the beginning. They have a preview with photo of sales add that comes in Sunday's paper for Walgreens and CVS. They also have preview threads of what will be on sale in coming weeks. Then, people will post coupons that match the sales. They tell what coupon insert(SS=Smart Source, P&G= Proctor and Gamble, RP=Red Plum) and what date the insert was in the paper. EX: Tide $1 P&G 11/2 means $1 coupon for Tide in Proctor and Gamble insert that was in 11/2 paper.

I have been putting the whole insert section in divided sections per date in a 3 ring binder. I just cut the coupon as needed instead of cutting every coupon. You will find a lot of free or money makers so I don't like to throw away coupons until they expire. I am still working on this way of clipping coupons and still have my old small divided file organizer filled with coupons that I have to search through. I don't take the binder to the store, as some do. The advantage of having all your coupons with you is you can take advantage of deals. I am so focused when I shop I am not really searching for extra hidden deals. I may see some but mostly I have a list and my coupons and I am in and out quickly.


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Hey there . . . great list of savings ideas! Boy, you have been really busy!

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Thanks! Helps alot.

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THANK-YOU for posting this!!!