Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Publix/ Kroger/ Southern Market

This is three trips combined
Southern Family:

About 10 lb ground round on sale for $1.99 lb
bananas $.49 lb= $.59
3 milk @$2.99 each

Total $31.90

4 College Inn box broths $2.79/ - (4) $1 Q from Winter booklet= $.40 each

Total $2.03


All prices are reduced by $.50 each because of $10 off order at end for buying 20 products
4 Carnation milk $1 each - $.50/2 Dbl = all free
5 Scotch Brite sponges $1 each - $1 Q from Publix Winter booklet = all free
4 Zattarains mixes $1.50 each - (2)$.75/2 Q= $1.12 each
4 Cinnimon Toast Crunch cereal $2 each- $.55 Q each = $1.45 each
2 Peter Pan $2.29 each- (2)$.50 dbl coupons = $1.29 each
BC muffin mix $2.50- $.45 dbl Q= $1.60

Subtract $10 off order for buying 20 products
Total $8.79


Valarie said...

Just amazing! I think you might be rubbing off on me a little. I was at Target and needed detergent and so I saw they had the big mega thing of Tide. Well it was 19.99 but the had is advertised for 18.49, and you would receive a $5.00 gift card if you bought that and charmin or a swiffer product at the same time. Well long story short, I was not leaving Target until I got what that said. Even if they said it was last weeks deal. It was still on the aisle. So anyway I left there getting 6.00 off my total Tide purchase. So I got the big mega tide for like $12.49. :)

Southerner said...

Valerie- Great job! I wish Target wasn't so far for me.