Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sold on Craigslist

I finally got a few things posted on Craigslist to sell. My husband's truck came with a bedliner that he didn't want. He wanted a big tool box that would not fit in with the liner. We sold it today for $40. Remember the older Pentax camera with macro lens that I found in someone's trash- yuppie trash, people! We looked on ebay and the camera was going for $30-$45. We haven't put film in to see if it worked. The macro lens looked good but did not have a lens cap so did not know if there were any problems with it since it came from the trash. So, I listed it for $45 as is telling that we did not know the condition. Sold it today. The couple was actually wanting the macro lens for his other camera so he was able to put it on and see that it took a good photo. They took it as they got the camera as a bonus. For me, this was clutter in my house, and cash when sold to someone that will appreciate and enjoy it.

Now, Precious Moments- I wish they were worth more! I have a bunch that I wish I could sell for some money. I am so tired of things that are not used. They sit in a cabinet in a room that I do not ever even go in. Yes, the memory of the occasions where I received them are sweet but I could take a picture. I used to have all the boxes but due to a major shrimp problem I threw out a lot of the boxes. And Matthew. A doll I paid about $60 for in 1987. Why? I was 18 or 19 years old.

Wanna hear the shrimp story again? When we moved to Alabama we were waiting for our home in Florida to sell so I did not unpack. We had a freezer in the garage and boxes piled in rows beside it. Before we moved I bought 40 lbs of shrimp from a local shrimper that we knew. I bought it the week before we moved so that we could have shrimp in Alabama. Now, a few months later and we had boiled it from some friends so had eaten about 12 lbs- leaving 28 lbs left in the freezer. We had a garage sale. Husband unplugs something to let someone plug in something to see if it worked. Next day....OH. MY. Goodness! Bad. Really BAD! I lost all my shrimp that I DEHEADED MYSELF! Luckily the freezer was an older model and we planned to get a newer one when we finally moved so we just threw it out it was so bad.


Valarie said...

Yikes on the bod shrimp, but yea on the sells :)

I have not forgot about you and yes I have your number. You are now programmed in my phone so beware. :) I plan on calling you this week. :)

Connie said...

Yippie, I've never been to Craig's List. But his list sure did put a little cash in your stash. I'll probably be coming to Madison sometime this week. Maybe we can meet:)

Michelle said...

Good job on Craigs List...I have been thinking about selling on here seems much easier than E-bay..

Sad about the shrimp...I had something like that happen to me involving shrimp too..