Friday, November 7, 2008

Restaurant gift card bonuses- use for your free meals!

We signed up with both Moes and Lonestar to receive a free meal on your birthday. I just received an advertisement from each of them that if you buy a gift card for the holidays you get a free $5 bonus card. At Moe's if you buy a $20 card you receive a $5 card. At Lonestar if you buy a $25 dollar card you get a $5 bonus card.
We didn't use my free Lonestar birthday dinner (It is August 11- I'll send you a wish list later. Go ahead and put it on your calendar) because we still would have had to pay for my husband to eat. At the time we were really cutting everything out so we decided not to go. My idea is to buy these cards and use the card to pay for the meal for the spouse to be able to dine with the birthday person. When I eat my free Moe's birthday meal we will use the gift card, then use the balance when my husband gets his free birthday meal. If we do not use it all we can use it for a quick lunch for my husband or give it to one of our teens as a treat out with friends.
The link to sign up for the birthday meal is here for Moe's and here for Lonestar. Without searching their site at Lonestar I cannot remember if I received the birthday email for a free meal through signing up for the e-club or if it is somewhere else. I see a link to the kids birthday club.


Mc Allen said...

yes we do these too, its a great idea!! We love to take the girls somewhere cheesy where they have to wear a sombrerro, OLEA!! hehehe... Great share, thanks!! LA

Marva said...

Great post.....thanks for the heads up!

Go BJHS! It looked like the game was close! Congrats to your son and his team! Where do you guys play next week?