Friday, November 21, 2008

My quilt

This quilt has always been in my home. Most of the quilts we had were not made into patterns, they were made out of necessity to stay warm so were made in a crazy pattern or just squares sewn together. My dad is one of 6 children and his dad died when he was young so my grandmother was left to raise all the kids alone. My dad is second from the youngest so his oldest brother is 15 years older so he was pretty grown and he and all the boys worked to provide for the family.

A few years ago I went with my dad to my aunt's home. She lives in the home that my dad's father built in Mississippi. Above here bed she had a quilt similar to this one that I own. I commented on it and she was happy to learn I had the other one. She told me the story of it's origin. I need to get her to write it down because I don't know the names and dates which I would like to know. Anyway, back when they were all growing up there was an aunt to them that lost her husband. She couldn't afford to survive on her own so she traveled around and stayed with different family members for a few weeks or months at a time. When she stayed she would make quilts so that she felt like she earned her keep. Apparantly she went to the store and bought material- where all the other quilts were made from flour sacks.

This is not my favorite colors. I really don't like lavender and purple especially with red. She probably would have been president of the Purple Hat Society! But, i love the history. I need to repair a couple of places- if you notice the very center has a seam that has come apart. The binding has all rotted (?) and the very edges where it was rolled over are split. The batting center is worn through and looking into light splotchy looking. I am guessing this is from the 40's. My dad is 73 and it is from his childhood.


Christy said...

Oooo! I LOVE the colors of this quilt, and the pattern! I have several quilts that my Granny made and they are such treasures to me. I also have several quilts that Dwight's grandmother made. I would like to display them, but our house is too small.

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous quilt. What a treasure!

Tami said...

I love quilts. We have lots and lots of quilts. All my kids get baby quilts and birthday quilts. So we have quite the collection. My kids don't know the value yet but one day they will. Love the awesome story behind your quilt. Thanks for the Disney advice. How do you get the kids meal vouchers? Email me and let me know. I will have access to a computer while I am gone so I will be checking. If you have any other frugal advice for Disney, send it along too. BTW, you have a surprise coming in the mail so look out for it.