Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coat closet

Exibit A: Unsuspecting closet. Looks normal. Seems useful.

Below is the locatiion. Looking from our combo family room/kitchen. The door straight ahead on the right is to the laundry room. To the right,seen only by it's knob is the garage door. The door staight ahead to the left is a 1/2 bath. The door you can barely see to the far left is the coat closet. Yes! Four white doors in 4 foot of space. It is the scary house of doors. Which one do you take? Choose wisely, or you may find yourself in another deminsion far far away.

This is an inspiration photo I have had saved from Real Simple for years. I love the idea of using the shoe bag for mittens and hats.I thought I could put shoe dividers in the bottom and hang coats above on the rod. I don't need the hanging shelves.

Then, I saw this. I have wanted bench organizers for years! I have always planned on making one with dividers between the sections so each kid would have their own space. But, I bought the house with the hole of doors instead of a big ol long wall for my ideas. But, lookie here, what The Shabby Nest did! I heart her so much. I had never seen her blog and it is fabulous.
edit: look how close the color of her walls and my walls are.

Okay, my question is which idea to follow. Our closet is deeper to each side and the ceiling is not right there like this one. Our ceiling goes up to 9 foot so it is a big hole to the sky. I thought I could get very European and hang baskets or something. And, baskets for shoes DOES NOT WORK for us! Tried and tried. First, my husband has a cow if we put his shoes in the basket. He wears his work shoes and leaves his tennis shoes by the door. But, I have warned you- DO NOT put his shoes in the basket, he will turn shades of red and smoke will come out of his ears. My kids didn't just put shoes in, it would have nasty stinky socks, pens, stuffed animals. So, if we did this I want a shoe caddy like this built up under the bench.
I don't know what to do!!!! I visually love the bench. But, reality is 7 jackets aren't going to look so cute anymore. I could put hooks on the side walls that are back past the door frame on each side and put about 6 jackets and maybe keep the front cuter. Reality check, will the kids put the jackets on the back hooks- no, they will throw them on the seat if they even make it there. So, am I living in a fantasy world. Can I stay here a little longer?
Next question? Where the heck is your bread? Seriously, where do you keep your bread. After shoes and jackets bread is my next area I have got to figure out.


Michelle said...

Shoes & jackets are everywhere in my house, I try to keep them in the hall coat closet and only one pair of shoes out for each person at a time, this is next to impossible to do! Bread is in what is supposed to be the appliance garage on the counter, but my mixer won't fit, so I use it for bread and crackers. I have a closet in my family room that is under the stairs, that is where we have our computer. ~Michelle

Anonymous said...

I, too, have a very short hallway with doors aplenty. When I saw the post from Shabby Nest, I gasped. I SO think this could work. It's convincing my husband that will be the challenge.
Our ceilings are high in our closet too, now that you mention it. I think that I would put a cubby shelf at the upper part of the closet with the hooks under it. Shoes would not go in ours, but other random things would find a home there, I'm sure. Love this idea!!

momstheword said...

When the kids were little their shoes fit nicely in the basket. Now guess what, their feet grew...and so did their shoe collection, sigh...! We still have the shoe basket by the door, and have a mounted coat rack on the wall. The other day I walked by and someone had hung their pair of shoes on two of the hooks, go figure!

I keep the bread on the counter. It's very visible and frankly, doesn't look all that attractive. But I don't really want a big ole' breadbox. Besides, sometimes I store it in the freezer and they take out what they need.

Pamela said...

I love your blog, what an amazing picture of your family on the top banner, too! That closet is beeeautiful, I'm totally doing this if I ever have a house with closets!

I keep my bread in the cupboard on top of the toaster . . . extras are in the freezer.