Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hope you feel better, son

He asked if he could make my crystal light. For the ten- thousandth time! No, it is mine. I have bought them kool-aid and Gatorade mixes and the Walmart brand mixes and they devour them in a day if I do not watch them. Well, remember the deal on this at Walgreen? I bought 3 boxes because they paid me to buy it. It is sitting in my medicine cabinet above the refrigerator. After telling him no again to making the crystal light he made a glass of this without asking. I am laughing so hard and hoping for an improvement in his digestive system. Hopefully he will remember that he is supposed to ask when getting MY THINGS OUT OF MY CABINETS! The look on his face when I told him what it was... priceless.


Marva said...

This is too funny! Maybe he has learned his lesson! A lesson it was!


Valarie said...

Hahahaha oh that is way to funny!

Dawn said...

You couldn't have planned this lesson better if you'd have tried!!!