Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Being paid to test products

I recieved this check yesterday from McCormick consumer testing. I signed up to be a tester a couple of months ago and was contacted to try a product. They mailed me a bottle of marinade to test and then I filled out a survey with about 40 questions about how we liked it and the bottle. So, not only was I paid $20 to test this I have a bottle of marinade to use. It was a really good product and I was brave enough to test it on pork chops we grilled when my dad came. I wish I knew where I signed up to be a tester so I could share it with all of you. If anyone knows please leave me a link.
Snowflake money for November:
$220.00 garage sale
$20.00 McCormick testing
Total: $240.00


Becc said...

Rock on!
That's almost like free money!

Valarie said...

Ya know I was gonna ask you if you did anything like this. :)

Dawn said...

Wow... I want to be a tester, too. Let me know if you remember or find out!