Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dr Visit and how to make Southern Sweet Tea

I should know that when I post about the flex savings account to pay medical bills I will have to use it. My 15 year was horsing around at church last night and two boys fell on him. He has been unable to use the left arm- it hurts in his shoulder. I took him to the doctor and he feels it is probably the ligaments from where he said it hurt, but we were sent to have it x-rayed anyway to make sure. No football. No guitar. No fun. He said he was planning on going to wrestling practice today to see if he wanted to join. He said God must not want him to do that. I let him skip the rest of the day of school because if it is broken we will have to go to the orthopedic doctor. I got them Little Ceasars and cokes- well, Dr Pepper, in the south they are all cokes. You have a choice: coke, tea, or water. Sweet tea is not mentioned- it is a given. If someone has non-sweet tea they mention it then.

How to make sweet tea:
Fill a kettle with water. Bring to a boil. Add 6 regular tea bags and let steep with a top on for a minimum of 5 minutes. Pour the kettle of tea into a pitcher and add sugar. We used to add 1 cup but now have cut it to a heaping 1/2 cup. That is weak for our neck of the woods. Stir to dissolve sugar in hot tea. Then, we fill the pitcher the rest of the way with water and stir again. Fill your glass to the top with ice. The warm tea will melt the ice and you want it cold. We drink a gallon a day of tea. I usually don't buy cokes (see above) so we drink tea or water. If you get a glass of milk I will slap you- we used to drink a gallon a day but now only use 3-4 gallons a week instead of 7. That stuff is expensive, so leave it alone. Who needs strong bones?

Edit- I think my pitcher is 1/2 gallon, so it would be a little more than a cup of sugar per gallon. It still is pretty weak on the sugar for around here. Now when I get sweet tea out it is too sweet.


Valarie said...

Apparently our boys do! :)

Windy said...

Yummy tea! We have cut down from 2 cups to a little more than 1 cup. I hope to be down to 1/2 like you before long, but it is so hard for us southern gals:)
Hope your sons arm feels better!

Anonymous said...

Who needs strong bones when you have a flex account to pay for the broken ones? :)
-A Dear

Cathleen Farrell said...

I love sweet tea! Fun Site! :-)

Tami said...

We drink a gallon a day too. I put about a cup and 1/2 in mine. We go through 4-6 gallons of milk a week. Jim guzzles it and eats tons of cereal. Jack and Maci Clare both drink it instead of other things. So I just keep buying it. There is a grocery here that has it for 2.89 a gallon but it is about 40 minutes away and I just buy it at Publix for $3.39