Monday, October 13, 2008

On Thursday evening my son was playing football with the neighborhood kids and a boy fell on his foot. He came home and it had some bruising and started to swell. We took him Friday and were sent to an xray and they said it was broken so he was referred to an orthopedic doctor. He said he did not see a break but it was bruised and swollen so definitely hurt so the treatment would be the same as a break. He put a boot on him which costs $225.00. We have a pediatric co pay, orthopedic co pay, and out of pocket for the boot $205.00. Why does something always happen to take anything you begin to save?

My husband took off to take him to the doctor because I had planned to do my major shopping that day. I wanted to go to the Kids Mart consignment sale. The boys both need jeans that I have not been able to find at garage sales in their sizes. I spent $39.00 and bought 7 pair jeans/khaki pants and a shirt. Not great prices but I got Levis and Arizona jeans for around $5.00. My 12 year old daughter is impossible. She wears a size "0" and sticks her nose up at everything. They had cute tops and a powder blue velvet blazer that was from an expensive store. Would she get it? Nope. She has a very definite opinion of clothing at the moment. She either gets her favorite outfit and wears it DAILY or says she has nothing to wear when she begged for the 4 dresses in her closet. Begged. Tears in eyes. It will be my favorite outfit begging. Wears once. I brought home Limited Too stuff from a garage sale and she didn't like them. I said, "It is cute Limited Too clothes, stuff that cost a LOT of money!" and she actually said, "But they are out of style, like last years stuff." Yes, she did. I have always dressed my kids in Gap, Old Navy, Levi, Limited Too, Arizona, Ralph Lauren, etc, but from garage sales. I also feel like I have a good eye for creating outfits- I am just too fat to look like I want for me. I understand that my electric guitar (wanta wear all black) playin son wants to look a little rockerish instead of my preferred preppy Ralph Lauren look. My daughter does not want things that mix and match. Everything she picks is so patterned that it goes with one thing and that is all. I told her she needs to get a job because I am not changing how I shop to accomodate her. It is garage sale or clearance rack or nothing from me. Size "0" pants are hard to find so when you do find them you need to take them.

If you are older and done with kids please let me know I will survive! Then, offer to come get them- THEY ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!


Thrifty Florida Mama said...

Oh my goodness, your daughter sounds exactly like mine. She's 11, wears a "0", and likes absolutely nothing. She also has quite a few "begging" outfits never worn. If you find some tips on surviving this please let me know. She is oldest and I've got two more girls to go!

momtoqts said...

Your post made me smile. My 15 yo dd is pretty much the same way. If I buy it - no way will she admit that it's cute. Though, she could pick the very same outfit out and would love it. Girls!

Do you have a upscale neighborhood near by? I happened in a Goodwill this weekend as we were at a family event an hour away. They had tons of stuff my dd was interested in, and of course, she could pick it out herself. They had lots more of the styles she preferred since it was a city that is a lot different from the small town atmosphere we're from.

Southerner said...

momtoqts- that is what is so bad- we are the upscale town around here. We garage sale at $300K and up homes. Our city is the highest income for the southeast. They have nice, really expensive name brand clothes at sales. She doesn't go to sales anymore because she doesn't want to get up. We don't have a Goodwill or any stores in town other than a couple of church thrift stores. She will look there but just picks out stuff that really doesn't look good. If we go to Goodwill we are going to the worst part of town down in Huntsville. I miss Niceville, it had a Goodwill and I always shopped there and found nice clothes. She will shop the clearance at Target and always finds what I think looks cheap to want. She is just weird! I told her that either she had to start getting up and going to garage sales or fund herself buying clothes at stores, that I wasn't bringing home anymore cute clotes that she rejects and I am not buying all her clothes at the store. It is rediculous when you get better clotes at a garage sale than what she is trying to buy at Target.

momtoqts said...

Oh dear...that makes it a whole different ball of string, doesn't it?

I'm sure you'll figure it out (or at least survive it) soon enough. I tell you what, having teenagers makes juggling babies look like a walk in the park!

Valarie said...

You will survive, and I will try to remember to go through Syds stuff, because with in the last year she shot up from 0 to 3. I believe I have some 0 jeans. :)